Metro Turizm General Manager: Aircraft is also not a high-speed train

Metro Turizm General Manager: Airplane and high-speed train are not our competitors. Metro Tourism General Manager Umut Kahraman made evaluations on many issues from the general situation of the transportation sector to the future plans of Metro Turizm, from the transportation of the bus station to the domestic bus.
Turnover size and moved to Turkey in terms of the number of passengers largest road passenger transport company to target in 2013, the Metro Tourism in the position that parallel to the magic describing the Metro Tourism General Manager of Hope Hero, said 22 million passengers a year, will move to the end.
Stating that they continue to maintain their market share despite the fierce competition in the air, sea and railways in the transportation sector, Kahraman emphasized that they balance the passengers they lost to the aviation companies with the alternative lines they open at a short distance in the journeys exceeding 12 hours. Stating that the characteristic bus customer is a passenger with luggage and does not prefer the airline, Kahraman said, “For example, although there are very serious flights on the Istanbul-Ankara route, our business is not affected at all. We made 200 mutual trips on this line only during the feast. In normal time, we make 70 mutual trips. While Turkish Airlines carries 17 million passengers annually on domestic flights, we carry 22 million passengers ”.
Noting that they do not see the airline as a direct competitor, Kahraman stated that they are not concerned about the Istanbul-Ankara high-speed train. Kahraman said, “In the last 10 years, the emphasis has been placed on sea, air and railways within the framework of the government's transportation policy. We are also for the integration of modes of transport. Buses make the short-distance transfers of the passengers who will go to the train, plane or ship, we want this. Our initiatives continue as a company to take part in the railway. As Metro Turizm, we have made it a policy to exist in all areas of transportation. We take advantage of the opportunities and deal with railway transportation, ”he said.
Commenting on the discussions about the relocation of Istanbul Bus Station, Kahraman stated that they are satisfied with the location of the bus station and said, “Bayram is the peak time. Bus terminal investments are not made based on the intensity of the holiday. "We are pleased with the bus station we are in, although it has some minor deficiencies," he said. Noting that they do not want the Harem to be moved, Kahraman said, “Harem is indispensable, it is the most ideal location in terms of location, since it is next to the departure and destination points of the ferry. "I think that even if the bus station is moved from there, it will continue to serve in the form of a pocket."
After Ali Bayramoğlu, the founder of Bab Group, former deputy and former MUSIAD President, Ali Bayramoğlu announced that he was a partner of Metro Turizm, it was announced to the public that the partnership negotiations had ended soon after. Stating that the partnership works were terminated due to “commercial views not being compatible”, Kahraman said, “We had no disappointment or verbal discussion with Mr. Ali. The intention to unite as two civilized groups ended and we split into friends. "There is no reason other than the differences in the way we do business."
Emphasizing that Metro Turizm will continue to grow to the extent permitted by competition law, Kahraman stated that company acquisitions and mergers can be seen and that they expect their competitors to take similar steps.
Stating that number 10 oil is a painful reality of the sector, Kahraman stated that they use licensed fuel in both company vehicles and rental vehicles through their group subsidiary Mepet Petrol. Noting that although the use of number 10 oil was reduced significantly with the measures taken, Kahraman said that there are still those who continue this activity in the sector, “We also terminated their contracts from time to time when there were people using them in individual vehicles. Due to the increase in diesel prices, individual bus drivers use number 10 oil and illegal diesel. "The number 10 oil problem will be solved if the tax incentives provided for fuel by air and sea transport are also provided to the road."
Has long been debated local hero who share their opinions about the local bus next to the car manufacturing brand, "Mercedes and Man doing production in Turkey. In addition to importing parts such as engines of Temsa, which makes production in Adana, its workmanship is Turkish. We see these brands as domestic brands. "If a completely local Turkish bus brand comes out, just like a completely domestic automobile, we will buy vehicles from them, just like the support we give to Temsa."
Stating that they have a strong customer service department that works 24 hours to resolve customer complaints, Kahraman said that they do not receive many complaints compared to the number of passengers they carry and that the problems encountered are resolved with great care. Explaining that the quality of service is being increased with the control and inspection teams and the secret passenger application, Kahraman also clarified the news that the passengers were victimized because the prayer break was not given. Kahraman said, “We pay attention to the religious sensibilities of all passengers. The time between prayer times gets shorter in winter. A group of our passengers in Konya complained that the vehicle did not stop except for a break for prayers and protested this situation. In fact, an individual negative situation occurred when our passenger wanted to stop the vehicle 1.5 hours before the time of the morning prayer in a vehicle whose driver also performed five daily prayers. We also met with our passengers and linked the problem to dessert. We published our denial in the newspaper that made the news. "As a company, we pay great attention to the sensitivities of our citizens both in our buses and in our facilities."
General Director of Metro Kahraman, 2014 million 25 for the 2015 year of the 30, XNUMX will be the year of the XNUMX million by specifying the loyalty card to increase the features of the loyalty card is ongoing, he added.

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