Transportation Week Started with Exhibition Opening (Photo Gallery)

Transportation Week started with the opening of the exhibition: The exhibition organized by the Metropolitan Municipality within the scope of Transportation Week activities was opened at Kültürpark.
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, 25 has opened an exhibition titled N Transportation in Izmir from Past to Present tarih, which describes the transformation of the city in public transportation as part of the Transportation Week events celebrated between November-1 December. From the 1880 to the present, the exhibition of the transportation system of Izmir was explained with photographs and models. In the exhibition opened at the Kültürpark Natural Stone Museum, B İZBAN Commuter Photographs açılan, which were drawn by primary school students, took place.
Speaking at the opening of the exhibition, Deputy Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Sirri Aydogan, the transportation within the city is rapidly developing, he said. Izmir, Turkey's largest urban rail Aydogan Secret stated that they established transportation network, in the later stages of İZBAN and metro lines will not be confined to Aliağa- Menderes and bagged and further development, he said. "90 minutes Transportation" Aydogan said that they are an example of an application with all of Turkey, the citizens voiced their contribution to the economy. In his speech, the bus fleet of the Metropolitan Municipality renewed that Aydoğan, the age of the buses were taken to 5'e said, yaş With the new purchases we made in recent times, the bus fleet in Izmir has reached the European Union standards, Büyük he said. Sırrı Aydoğan said that public transportation is one of the most important features of being an advanced society and called on citizens to use public transportation, especially in bad weather conditions.
Due to Public Transportation Week, 70. A book named den Dünden Bugüne H was prepared by the General Directorate of ESHOT, which celebrated its year. 2500 units were published in this book, which will be distributed in the coming days.

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