Marmaray thanks to Minister Yıldırım from the Disabled

Minister Yildirim Marmaray thank the Disabled: Maritime Transport and Communications Minister Binali Yildirim, Turkey Spinal Cord Injury Association visited. Association President Ramazan Baş thanked Minister Yıldırım for making Marmaray with the disabled in mind. During the visit, where emotional moments were experienced, Yıldırım had a hard time reading a letter written to the mother of a disabled person.
Minister Yıldırım met with the disabled at the association center in Bakırköy. President of the Association Ramazan Baş and Minister Yıldırım, who shook the hand of the paraplegic people one by one, were given a painting with his charcoal work. A letter read by Minister Yıldırım in the program, which took place in a warm environment, gave emotional moments. Reading a letter written to the mother of a disabled child, Yıldırım had a hard time reading the letter.
They receive the support of the disabled in Turkey is TL 2002 billion in 2, this figure was reminded that currently this figure reached 23 billion. Stating that this is an important development, Yıldırım noted that all members of the disabled and non-disabled society now have the right to benefit from the blessings of all citizens of this country.
Reminding that 14 thousand disabled people were placed in public positions in the last two years, Yıldırım said, “The number of disabled people who went to university to benefit from education services was almost non-existent. We have provided free education and bussed education for our disabled. " said.
Turkey Spinal Cord Injury Association President Ramazan Go on, Marmaray that entered service designed with the disabled and thanked the Minister Yildirim stated that the use of facilities for the disabled. Baş also conveyed some of her requests to meet the needs of the disabled to Minister Yıldırım in a presentation.

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