All Details of Marmaray from Minister Yıldırım (Photo Gallery)

All the details of Marmaray from Minister Yıldırım: Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Binali Yıldırım, explained all the details about Marmaray in the program 'What's Happening' in TRT Haber.
In the 1860, the project was first voiced by Sultan Abdulmecid, and the most concrete step in Marmaray was laid in 1892 and Sultan 2. Abdülhamit Han's project on this date, he said. Noting that the project drawn by the French is not the same as today's Marmaray, in 1979, Marmaray was spoken in the government, but no steps were taken. In the 1987 year, Prime Minister Turgut Ozal's pre-feasibility study for American companies and the project that transfers Lightning, Amerikalı There is still no progress in the events can not be achieved. There is a project of making a tube gate, but the name of Marmaray is not clear. In the period of Abdülhamit, it is called as Tünel-i Bahri which means Ab Sea Tunnel Ab. After Özal, the coalition government is downloading the project from Ozal period in 1997. The project is looking for credit. In search of credit, Americans are cared for, looking at European countries, going to Japan. Japan has not anticipated that the rail system in this tube passage thinking until then. The Japanese say, kredi if you think of it as a project where the trains will pass, not the vehicles, we can give it a long-term loan on very favorable terms Japon. The loan framework agreement of this project is still signed by the Treasury during the coalition government, or by the Japanese JBIC, the Export Credit Institution, now JICA. In accordance with this agreement, a consultancy tender is still being held at the time of the coalition government. There is no consultancy agreement but there is no project. In 2000, consultancy tender is made, after the tender tender, specifications, contracts, drafts, feasibilities, main projects are prepared and tender file is prepared with them, the tender is going to go for. We also took office in the tender phase. We completed the tender, concluded a Japanese, two Turkish companies won a consortium of three partners. There were already three offers. The condition of the loan was that the participants were a Japanese. As a result, we have determined the winning company signed the contract. 2004'un 9 May''ve taken the basis of the actual project began, X he said.
Ayrancıçeşme said that the Marmaray section, which is located in Kazlıçeşme, is the 14 kilometer, and that the part at the bottom of the sea is the 1.4 kilometer. In this section, the 11 tube has been connected to the end of the record that records, "bottom of the tunnel TBM (Tunnel Boring Machine), so-called drilling machine was pierced by tunnel. Then the tubes were individually lowered to the bottom of the sea. After the tubes have been settled, we fill the rock with fillings and then fill and seal. When you land at the bottom of the sea we see nothing. The diver can see nothing if he looks at the bottom of the sea. The bottom of the sea somehow somehow same place Marmaray'ın where the same.
Answering the claims of missing Marmaray Minister Yıldırım, starting from Gebze Marmaray Halkalı', he underlined. Yildirim said diy Marmaray is missing or how is Marmaray missing? Marmaray is a Japanese-financed project. Therefore, Marmaray is the 76 kilometer-long line between Ayrılıkçeşme and Kazlıçeşme, which is the sum of the two suburban lines. Other parts of the suburban lines, now a high-speed train for the 13.6. There are line inclusions, this place is very important. We are from Gebze HalkalıWe are renewing the suburban lines up to the loan obtained from the European Investment Bank ın.
Yıldırım said that the approximate cost of the 13,6 kilometer part opened in Marmaray is 2.2 billion dollars. There is a serious build-up because we are currently carrying free transport. The deepest station of Marmaray is Sirkeci. Europe's longest escalator is here. 63 meters and one level one level is going on the top, so you go down to the sea level from the Governor's Office; you go below sea level. So you're going down to a full 70-80 meter. All the entrances there are escalators. We see a risk like this, so crowded ladders, ladders, people, that stairway, how to go up the storm. 12 will continue free transport until November. 12 will be allowed from Sirkeci as of November. We cannot take risks at Sirkeci. After the capacity in Marmaray has emerged, we are making our observations. Otherwise there is no shortage in Sirkeci. Yoksa
Üyor Within Marmaray wagons, whatever you do in trains, they all appear in the control center. We do not think that any of our citizens will deliberately pull out his emergency arm. Uz said Yıldırım, adding that such incidents might be from curiosity, neglect and distraction.
Yıldırım continued his speech: N On a train, there is an 50 emergency brake lever. There is an 50 emergency door release lever on a train. Each station has 8 emergency button on each platform. So 8 in stations, 50-100 total 108 on trains. What about these? Any extraordinary unexpected situation, citizens will stop all trains will stop. Now this is when the 5 train is running from behind in the back they are standing and the system is doing the effect of domino effect as the system moves to the checkers. It stops for safety, so it doesn't stop arbitrarily. He can not say, that is ridiculous ridden let's go. Safety comes in front of everything. Sir, this is a false alarm. If something really happens, then there's nothing to exaggerate. What happened? 30 has been intervened twice in October, 2 4 in November, 3 2 once in November, 8 times, train emergency brake lever in total XNUMX. So this can be carelessness, out of curiosity, or else, let's see if it's working. But it is a very weak probability of a deliberate event, I can't call it impossible at all, but I don't even want to think about it, cause it would cause many people to suffer. Marmaray turned out to be phosphorus, there is no need for such a fuss as this is what will happen, it can always be in business. Marmar
Yildirim said about the money spent in Marmaray, “5,5 a billion pounds were spent Marmaray. What's inside this 5,5 billion? Consultation plus vehicles. 5,5 billion is not fully paid. The portion paid is 4,5 billion TL; We didn't pay the 1 billion. Let's see the end of the company, 'Let's give you a money,' he 1've kept the billion inside. What's in it now? I said that either the consultancy tender was made, about 250 million pounds. And there's one 440 train. 5,5 billion TL or 2-2,5 billion dollars. In other words, if we fall from the vehicles, consultancy falls, the actual price is revealed in Marmaray. Not expensive at all, nothing like that. The men are crying 'cause we're not making money, so there's no such thing as expensive. Once in this world, there are no other projects in the deep tunnels of the sea under the sea with dark tunnels, the most difficult project. Bir
Yıldırım said Mayıs We took the foundation of this project in May of 2004. We would normally take delivery at 2009. But come, every station is a history treasure. Excavations changed the history of Istanbul 2500 pulled back years. 6 is the millennium of Istanbul's well-known 8500 year. In other words, the Byzantine, Byzantine, and Ottoman times found a thousand archaeological objects. 35 was removed from the sunken boat. We have exhibited some of them at Yenikapı Station. Archaeological excavations have lost 13 years I say they are criticizing me. This Minister does not understand art, archaeological excavation lost time is a loss? They're saying things, but unfortunately they're ignoring the rest of my word. I mean, we lost 4,5 years, but we brought the history of Istanbul from 4,5 to 6000. 8500'de we're going to open brother, archaeological excavations do you have to say? But the archaeologists will continue to continue, who knows how many thousand years, daha he said.
Announcing the completion of the 2 year after the commuter lines will be completed by Lightning, the suburban completion of the daily 1.5 million people will travel in Marmaray stressed. Minister Yıldırım, ya Now there is a metro station in Kartal, you know that Kartal can take the metro from Kartal. From Kartal to the metro, the next to Ayrılıkçeşme, 16-17 per minute. There is a common station in Ayrılıkçeşme, from the stairs down, the escalators will climb up the Marmaray train, will enter the tunnel will come to Üsküdar 5 miles will land in Üsküdar. No, he didn't go down to Sirkeci. He continued to Yenikapı. After Yenikapı, he will go to Kazlıçeşme. From Ayrılıkçeşme to Kazlıçeşme, 16 will arrive in minutes. Let's say that the 20 from Kartal to Ayrılıkçeşme, 36, Bilmez, 40, from Kartal to the minute goes to Zeytinburnu.
Now another plus came to Yenikapı, there are T1- T2 lines in Yenikapı where is it going? from the Beyazit Kabataşto Eminönü KabataşYou can connect to it from the light rail system that goes to. There is a rail system that goes to the airport in Zeytinburnu, Bağcılar, you can switch to it. Also, where is the metro connection made from Yenikapı from the beginning of the year? Yenikapı, Aksaray, Şişhane, there is a bridge or there is an air bridge passing by the Galata Bridge. He crosses the bridge, you can go to Şişhane, Taksim, Şişli, Mecidiyeköy, Maslak and Hacıosman. He will be in such a situation that he will be able to go to Hacıosman from Kartal. Ride from Kartal will be able to go to Taksim. In fact, Marmaray is the main backbone of Istanbul transportation. It is an important public transportation vehicle that has no intercontinental traffic problems, no delay, and brings together the two continents of Istanbul in 4 minutes. When the high-speed train opens, you will take a ride from Istanbul, Pendik and go to the heart of Ankara in 3 hours at the beginning of the new year. Go to the airport, take the plane and get off at Esenboğa. Again, if it's a congested hour, stay in the traffic for over 1.5 hours. ” spoke as.
Yıldırım also made explanations about the Eurasian Passage, which is called a sister to Marmaray, “This tube passage is just 300 meters south of Marmaray. The project is for cars only. There will be two floors upstairs, downstairs arrivals. Of course, there is only one machine, we open it with that machine. This deeper tube will end in 2015. Route: You enter from the Acıbadem junction next to the Siyami Ersek Hospital opposite Karacaahmet Cemetery and exit Yenikapı. You pass 5,5 kilometers underground in 5,5 minutes. If you want, continue on the coastal road to Zeytinburnu side, Topkapı side or from there via U-turn from Sarayburnu, Eminönü, Sirkeci, Aksaray, Kabataş...
Traffic will be managed by intelligent systems at the tunnel exit. This will cost 1.3 billion dollars. But the project is done with build-operate-transfer model. The company will run 25 years, Yap he said.



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