Technical Specifications of Siemens YHT Kits

Technical Specifications of Siemens YHT Kits: Technical Specifications of Siemens Velaro Speed ​​Train Sets Produced by 1999.
We have already informed you about the Velaro Speed ​​Train sets that Siemens has produced for TCDD. In this article, we will try to present the technical features of Siemens Velaro high speed train sets.
As you know, the YHT sets Spanish company CAF was still being used in Turkey produce. This time, TCDD chose Siemens for YHT sets.
Siemens 7, which will produce 7 fast train sets for TCDD, will also undertake maintenance throughout the year. It was learned that these sets will be used between Istanbul-Ankara and Ankara-Konya.
The Siemens Velaro high-speed train sets have been produced for the 7 different railway operation with different models. Below you can see the countries where Siemens Velaro Speed ​​Train sets are used.
1 ICE 3 (DB Class 403 / 406) - Germany
2 Velaro E (AVE Class 103) - Spain
3 Velaro CN (CRH3C) - China
4 Velaro RUS (RZD Sapsan) - Russia
5 Velaro D (DB Class 407) - Germany
6 Velaro e320 (Eurostar) - United Kingdom
7 Velaro Turkey (TCDD) - Turkey
The first 5 series has been commissioned and is still in operation. As can be seen from the countries, the Siemens Velaro high-speed train sets have worked successfully in Spain's warm climate in the snowy and humid climate of Russia for years. In addition, the SAPSAN 1520 is operated in Russia, while in Spain the set is operating between various international voltage lines.
According to press reports, the most convenient train set to 400 km speeding train set definitions for the Velaro Velaro model produced for Turkey stands as E. The Velaro E-series 15 on July 2006 has set a speed record of 403,7 km between Spain and Madrid aj Zaragoza line, Guadalajara-Calatayud.
Maximum Speed> 350 km / h
Train Length> 200 m
Length of First and Last Wagons> 25,53 m
Length of Medium Wagons> 24,17 m
Width of Wagons> 2950 mm
Height of Wagons> 3890 mm
Ekart> Standard gauge - 1435 mm
Empty Weight> 439 tons
Voltage> 25000V / 50 Hz
Traction Power> 8800 kW
Initial Traction Force> 283 kN
Brake System> Regenerative, rheostatic, pneumatic
Number of Axles> 32 (16 drivers)
Wheel Layout> Bo'Bo '+ 2'2 ′ + Bo'Bo' + 2'2 ′ + 2'2 ′ + Bo'Bo '+ 2'2 ′ + Bo'Bo'
Number of Bogies> 16
Axle Pressure> 17 tons
0 - 320 km / h Acceleration> 380 s (6 min 20 sec.)
320 km / h - Braking Distance 0> 3900 m
Number of Wagons> 8

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