Greek persecution of the Peace Train in Thessaloniki (Video)

Greek persecution of the Peace Train in Thessaloniki: 'Peace Train' departing from Istanbul for the ceremony in the house where Atatürk was born, reached Thessaloniki with a delay of about 5 and a half hours.
The 'Peace Train UM set out from Istanbul for the ceremony at the house where Atatürk was born, reached Thessaloniki with a delay of approximately 5 and an hour and a half. Stop the 9 past train at 5 time passengers commemorate Ata in a twisted way. Passengers, the Greek press Peace Train delegation for the 'invading Turkish battalion' reacted to the naming. Istanbul Ispartakule Railway Station 17.00'da time ceremony with a ceremony of the "Peace Train", customs operations stopped at the Pythion Border Station. Processes planned as an hour in Pythion took 3 hours. Late in the night, the train was stopped by Komotini and Xanthi. The problem was tried to be overcome by throwing sand on the rails and then by the additional 2 locomotive sent later. Due to the troubles on the road, the slow-moving train could arrive in Thessaloniki with a delay of approximately 5 and an hour and a half.
In the meantime, the Peace Train was stopped at 09.05 at the request of the passengers at the house where Atatürk was born in Thessaloniki. At the request of the passengers, about 100 passengers gathered in two separate dining cars, one minute of silence for Atatürk, The passengers of the Peace Train always read the Turkish National Anthem.
On the other hand, passengers living in the sadness of not being able to catch the ceremony, expressed their reactions.
One of the passengers on the train AK Party Istanbul deputy Turkan Dagli, told reporters in the train, while they should be in Thessaloniki during this time, still on the road, he said. Dağlı expressed his sorrow on the subject and said, ilgili We would very much like to be in Thessaloniki during this time. But for some reason we don't know why, we're still on our way, but our ancestor is always in our hearts, in our hearts. We're together with him everywhere. But they did not get us there, we all together, in the train we remember our ancestor, Ama he said.
Metehan Demir, the Ankara Representative of Hurriyet Newspaper, has said that they have been trying to reach Thessaloniki since 17.00 last night with almost meaningless malfunctions. Demir emphasized that the distance between Istanbul and Thessaloniki is actually very short. UM Greeks have trouble with 20 hours on the border about passports. Then, they said, 'Train didn't pull, there was rashes on the road, wait 3 hours', now the clock is coming to 3, and we're more 1,5 hours from Selanek. Still not there ü said his opinion.
Demir mentioned the news in the Greek press, continued: seyahat 3 times in the last year, Mehmet Müezzinoğlu, a former Western Thracian coming here as the discomfort, such as the 'occupying Turkish battalion' as there are many funny things. Do people here look like an invading Turkish battalion? 'Why can not open seminary in Turkey?' he has criticism. This is not the government or the issue of that, let me tell you personally; The Western Thracians do not assign themselves to the Turkish teachers or religious officials, nor are the steps taken by the Greeks about the return of their properties. We still say that the 'Seminary School is open, it is a shame on the Greeks'. Sometimes countries have to understand some things after these events. This is where we live in Istanbul, the bars in Nisantasi not shaking this business. It was supposed to come and see them. Bur
He said that in a way prevented from going to Turkey Newspaper columnist Rahim de Thessaloniki. Er said, miş Our going to Thessaloniki is, for some reason, blocked by a passive resistance. We didn't get there on time. We came here with the feelings of the people of the same culture. But we encountered such a strange application. 'Let's go first and last, let's say' 'found in the assessment.
Yalçın Bayer, columnist of the Hürriyet newspaper said, lah By the way, these barriers are funny and funny. There is a certain hostility here, there is a prejudice on the heads, it has to be removed and more rational. This is of course an important material for Turkish politicians for Greek politicians. Ler Mehmet Müezzinoğlu and Osmangazi Mayor Mustafa Bursa, including the protocol protocol, because of the troubles in the train left the Train of Peace and had to go to the ceremony with special vehicles.



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