Sarajevo tram crash (Video)

Tram accident in Sarajevo: In Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, it was reported that the number of injured increased from 45 to 50, according to the first determinations.
Sarajevo University Clinical Center SözcüSelma Mulic, AA correspondent, said 28 people who were injured in the afternoon tram accident were brought to the clinic center, and there were no life-threatening injuries due to the injuries they received in the face, chest and waist region in general. Mulic said that 22 others injured in the accident were transferred to Sarajevo State Hospital.
Sarajevo Hospital SözcüSu Yasna Duchic said there were two children and two tram drivers among the 22 dispatched to their hospitals. He said there had been no danger to anyone referred to their hospital, including the tram driver who had previously been seriously injured.
No official statement was made as to why the accident occurred in the Mariyin Dvor district of Sarajevo.



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