In Samsun, cars flew to tramway

Samsunda Automobile flew on the tramway: In Samsun, one person became a hospital in a car that fell off the tramway as a result of the loss of steering power.
The accident occurred in front of the Ataturk Boulevard Samsun Province building of 09.00 May District of İlkadım district around 19. The 38 LC 52 license plate car, under the management of İsmail Demirhan (627), stepped off the road as a result of the loss of steering power and crashed on the sidewalk by the light rail system of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality. Hüseyin Güler, 50, was injured in the car. Güler was taken to Samsun Training and Research Hospital by ambulance and was treated. The accident car was removed from the rail system road with the tow tractor, ensuring that the transportation was not disrupted. Automobile driver İsmail Demirhan was taken into custody by Gazi Police Station teams for his statement.
An investigation into the accident was initiated.

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