Metrobus coming to Samsine line

Samsun metrobus line is coming: Metrobus good news from Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz.
Mayor of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz stated that they will start the construction works to extend the rail system train line to the east direction of the city within 2 months. Metropolitan Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz, who participated in the breakfast program given at the Private Harbor Hospital, which started to serve next month, gave information about the works they started to solve transportation problems in Samsun's inner city and close to the center districts. Expressing that they will solve the transportation problems in the western and eastern parts of the city with the metrobus and rail system lines, Mayor Yılmaz informed that they will start effective construction works in the eastern part within 2 months.
Mayor Yılmaz informed that the project preparations for the metrobus line that will connect the Shell train station in the city center with the metrobus line to the Tekkeköy indoor sports hall continues, “We are moving step by step by examining the difficulties we will encounter in the field. There is no significant problem in the part of the project up to the fishermen's shelters. However, in the sections after the fishing port, different constructions and crossings with bridges occur both near the petrol office and at the points where we cut the next industrial train line and the old Çarşamba Suburban line. We continue our preparations to correct them by assuming that we will turn into a rail system in the future and with this understanding. We will probably start the construction work effectively in 1-2 months. We will be entering into a subcontracted escrow mix study. We are in an effort to develop the transportation axis of our city towards the east. In other words, there will be a new corridor with the metrobus line at the Derbent pass. That line may turn into a rail system in the future. We need to dismantle and slightly expand the marine fortification between the fishermen's shelter and the oil office. Apart from that, there is no important issue in that segment. " said.
Stating that they reached the İncesu Bridge in the coastal road project completed up to Kurupelit Bay, Mayor Yılmaz said, “But after the İncesu Bridge, there are some properties that have infringed the shore edge line. The process of determining them and removing them if they are expropriated or invaded is in progress. Here is our aim. We want to finish the section up to Dereköy, which also includes Taflan beaches, until next April-May. When a tour bus goes towards Bafra from the coastal road, we are working to ensure that it can go from the coast to Taflan without interruption. This project is a program that will continue to bird paradise and from there to Bafra. In the next 2-3 years, we connect this road to the bird paradise. But the facilities, hotels, restaurants, sports activity facilities, service facilities to be built around it may take time, but we will make the projection passable. " found in the description.
Stating that they are approaching the end of the Logistics Organized Industrial Zone Project, which works in cooperation with the Governorship of Samsun and the Metropolitan Municipality, Mayor Yılmaz said, “We are now at the stage of acquiring the properties in this regard. With the coordination we have established between the Metropolitan Municipality and our Governorship, the plan for the infrastructure services related to the logistics services of an area of ​​500 decares in Tekkeköy is progressing in the project stages. In addition, our private sector provides services that should be done at full speed. Everything continues rapidly in our organized industrial zone, food OIZ and service sector. Liman Hospital is a 48-bed boutique hospital. But we have a bed capacity of nearly 5 thousand in Samsun. This development in the healthcare sector does not exist even in larger cities in terms of population. We see that Samsun is developing rapidly towards becoming a health city. We are trying to help our friends who have obstacles in this regard, on the legal path. " used the expressions.

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