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Real estate lottery from the owner: Marmaray, which is the most important project of recent years, plays an effective role in real estate prices and rents on the route, as well as realizing the transition of rail between Europe and Asia for the first time.
According to data from Turkey's largest marketplace Zeytinburnu rental apartment prices by 21 percent, KadıköyPrices of apartments for sale increased by 30 percent.
According to the data of, Marmaray, which connects Asia and Europe, which was opened on October 29, with a rail system under the Marmara Sea, significantly affected the real estate prices of the route it was in. According to the data of, mostly Zeytinburnu and KadıköyOwners of real estate in Istanbul have passed the land.
Rental apartment prices in the last stop of Marmaray increased by 21
According to the data of, the highest increase in rental prices was in Zeytinburnu district where Kazlıçeşme stop is located. The average rental price, which was 2012 TL in 700 in the district, increased by 2013 percent in 21 and reached 850 TL. Zeytinburnu, with an increase of 17 percent KadıköyIt was recorded that Fatih followed up with a 13 percent increase and Üsküdar followed with a 6 percent increase.
Zeytinburnu also drew attention with the increase in the number of rental apartments. The number of rented apartment ads in the district increased by a year 271.
New center of transportation in the choice of apartments for sale Kadıköy it was popular!
The price of apartments for sale increased by 2012 percent compared to 30 KadıköyThe average price of the apartment, which was 2012 thousand TL in 370, was recorded as 2013 thousand TL in 480. KadıköyThis price increase in Turkey is attributed to the district being at the center of transportation vehicles such as Metro, Metrobus and Marmaray. KadıköyZeytinburnu with an increase of 18 percent; Üsküdar and Fatih followed with a 14 percent increase.
Zeytinburnu also came to the forefront with a remarkable rise in the sale of apartments for sale in the last year. There was an increase in the rate of 328 in the home for sale in a year.
With the continuation of the connection points of Marmaray, the real estate market is expected to continue to move in the districts around the transportation network.

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