He Was Trained as a Trainer (Not Video)

He became a train mechanic when he could not be appointed as a painting teacher: In Samsun, 31 years old Yasemin Ergün, a teacher of painting, started to work as a train mechanic in the Light Rail System after waiting 3 years for assignment. Ergün, I had very willingly chosen painting teacher. However, it was not granted. I love my job now. That's why I said that there is no bitterness inside of me. Yasemin Ergün, who is married and mother of a child living in Samsun, graduated from the Department of Painting Teaching at Ondokuz Mayıs University in 2007. Ergün prepared and entered the exams to be appointed as a teacher for 3 years. However, when he could not be appointed, he applied to work as a machinist in the Light Rail System built by Samsun Metropolitan Municipality. Yasemin Ergün, who started working as a machinist 3 years ago, is now one of the 6 female machinists working in the Light Rail System.
Yasemin Ergün, who said that he chose the painting teaching department very willingly after the university exam, I prepared for the exams but could not be appointed. It didn't happen. I'm one of the unassigned teachers. Then I applied for this job and started to work. I do my job very much. I'm happy. I don't have a feeling of grief. Also as a female mechanic I get very nice reactions from the citizens, '' he said.
Ergün, who stated that working as a female mechanic was a difficult job, when I saw the female mechanics in the first years, I thought, "A woman can use this tool, how beautiful". It was given to me. We are doing a very good job. Women are more elaborate and attentive. We live in a very programmatic way as we work in the shift system. Apart from that, I get very nice reactions. Sometimes they clap, sometimes they wave, he said.

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