CHP AKP response to criticism on transportation and metro issues

CHP response to criticism of the AKP's transportation and metro issues: AK Party Izmir Provincial Presidency, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, public transport and metro responding to criticism on issues such as CHP Izmir Provincial Vice President Barış Erel brought up the policy-interest relationship. Erel, the AK Party's deputy media responsible for the province's media vice-president, Erel said: lar Those who have entered the political bare foot and become prosperous after their bidding by public institutions, who make the policy for their own interests rather than the city and the public interest, they can not talk about the bus and public transportation. kul
Erel provided examples of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's transportation services. Aziz 1300 bus purchased during the period of Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu air-conditioned and disabled-friendly transportation period began. Ask people with disabilities in this city where transportation is coming from. 7 increased the number of handicapped passengers in the year increased by 130. 1,5 million citizens a day are using public transportation. No other city in Turkey at such a rate compared with the total population of the city. This is due to the cheap and comfortable way of public transportation in Izmir. Bus service is now being provided to the forest village of 140. Şu Erel said:
. These AKP rulers, who were able to find and display old flood images on social media, were in the AKP's big cities, where our people had survived the danger of drowning in the underpasses after rain, where they were interfered with the lifeguards. They cannot fool Izmir by publishing old bus photos from the archives. 5 with the youngest average age in Izmir, Turkey and the European Union also has a bus fleet exceeding standards. Subcontracting the transportation services in the cities he manages, AKP, the Metropolitan Municipality of Izmir, the public can not even grasp the stand. Public transport is an example to Turkey 90 minutes Indirect transportation system and İzmirliler having an unlimited number of rides taken advantage of opportunities within this time cheaper than the shuttle to Ankara and Istanbul. ESHOT's bus purchases still continue. Finally, a bellows bus was purchased for 100 handicapped use. They will also be delivered after the New Year. The production of the 15 ships, which are purchased to expand the sea transportation, continues. The first ship arrives on New Year's Eve. Yıl
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in the metro and rail system, indicating that the significant work Erel, 80 kilometers Aliaga-Menderes Line, the amount of investments in the minds of those who criticize the figures, he said. Erel said, ya The project will extend to Torbalı on one side and Pergamon on the other. Works are carried out without advertising. Because the municipality is doing business. With the metro numbers in Izmir and Istanbul and Ankara's metro numbers, everything is revealed. 90 million TL excluding the railcar in Ankara, 141 mileage cost including 1 million TL including the wagon in Istanbul, 56 million TL including the wagon in Izmir. 4 in Istanbul and the 3 metro line in Ankara are under the responsibility of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications. While the municipalities of the AKP were rewarded, local authorities with CHP were punished. The government, which does not bring the cost increase to the agenda of the Council of Ministers for months, implements a double standard. The AKP mentality, which wants to earn points by hitting municipalities before local elections, will get the necessary answer in İzmir. Until this time, the city's projects in front of the city of Ankara, the municipalities in the rain, such as investigating the investigation, the inspector successive consensus 2014'in will receive the size of the length of the month in March. The people of İzmir are now looking forward to burning the fire of change ac they will wake up from the dream and realize that they live in the world of dreams. The utopian thoughts pumped to the public before the election will almost explode like a balloon. Seçim

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