The award of Kamu-Der with the Havaray project will be given to Güztok

With the Havaray project, Kamu-Der's award will be given to Güztoklusu on 22 November: AWARD CEREMONY for the MOST SUCCESSES OF THE YEAR, organized by the Association of Public Officials and Employees KAMU-DER, was held at Sürmeli Hotel on September 14, 2013. Ankara Mayor Önadayı Murat Güztoklusu Party could not attend due to the same day's training activities.
The award won by Güztoklusu with the HAVARAY PROJECT, which will start at 22:18 on the 30nd of November at KAMU-DER's Gürhat Hotel on Mithatpaşa Street… ..
On the Night of Solidarity, KAMU-DER President will be given by Cevdet.
The Havaray Project, which was brought to the agenda by the Güztoklusu as the Candidate of Çankaya Municipality in 1999, has reached the stage of design and investment for the main lines on 8 lines in Istanbul, and on the Keçiören-Esenboğa line in Ankara and in our city.

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