Projects to Improve Samsun and Targeted Transportation Projects

Projects to Advance Samsun and Targeted Transportation Projects: Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Candidate Candidate Candidate and Canik Mayor Osman Genç said, "We will make the port and airport of Samsun two efficient."
The Metropolitan Mayor Candidate Candidate and Canik Mayor Osman Genç, who continued their public trips, met with tradesmen and citizens on Unkapanı Street. Genç, who drew great interest in his travels, said that they aim to make Samsun an international city by making the port and airport more efficient. Stating that they see the industrialists as the heart of this city, Genç said: “It is not possible for a city without an industrialist to be victimized, not supported. It is no longer possible to provide inward service in the globalizing world. We should turn our direction to the world both as a city and as the service sectors in the city and we should work towards international markets and investments. ”
Pointing out that change should be analyzed well in order to be a strong city in a changing world, Genç said, “No matter how good or how big a port is built, if we do not promote our city and port well, if we cannot establish connections with the world as local managers, we will try to open Samsun's products to the outside world. It doesn't matter if we're not found. Because it is the local administrators who will carry the city to the future. If you want to be a trade city, increase your exports, activate your ports and air cargo transportation, become a logistics center, and most importantly, a center of attraction, the first thing you need to deal with is transportation. When Samsun integrates with the world, it will be the same for our people, traders, tradesmen and investors. kazanmeans cost,” he said.
Noting that Samsun is closer to Anatolia and Russia than Istanbul, Genç said, “The world trade volume of the logistics sector is 6 trillion liras. The target for 2015 is 12-15 trillion liras. The volume in the logistics sector in Turkey is 70 billion pounds. It is expected to be between 2015 and 120 billion liras in 150. Unfortunately, Samsun's share in logistics is zero today. Today offers new opportunities for international economic changes and Samsun, Turkey. It is a great advantage for Samsun to have ground, air, sea and railway infrastructure and railway ferry connections. Accordingly, a transfer port (hub-port) should be established in Tekkeköy and the logistics center should be here. The existing Organized Industrial Zone should be expanded between the airport and Tekkeköy. Again, there should be a Free Trade Zone between Tekkeköy and the airport. When we do these, Samsun will be an important trade city that will appeal to a geography that can reach Europe, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and China. ”
Stating that the Black Sea provinces should be considered as the districts of Samsun, Genç said, “If we aim to export 5-6 billion liras, if we want to make our city the trade center of Anatolia again, fast freight and passenger train is a must for Samsun. Districts of Samsun such as Havza and Kavak should definitely benefit from this rapid transportation opportunity. With a highway connection to be opened over Mersin, Samsun will serve as a bridge from the Mediterranean to the Black Sea. In addition, Samsun is a gateway to Europe and Russia for increased GAP (Southeastern Anatolia Project) production. For this reason, maximum efficiency should be obtained from the sea and air transportation, which are two blue of Samsun. Samsun-Çarşamba railway should be strengthened and connection should be provided with the airport where air cargo transportation is available. While the foundation of the Wednesday railway was laid in 1924, the Samsun-Bafra Railway line in the project will connect Bafra to the port and airport. Again, the Samsun-IRAQ railway line should be put into practice: We aim to implement them ”.

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