Polish Tabor Szynowy Company to produce wagons in Malatya

Polish company Tabor Szynowy will produce wagons in Malatya: Polish wagon manufacturer Tabor Szynowy, together with the Malatya Special Provincial Administration and the consortium of 5 partners, will lease the Malatya Wagon Repair factory, which has been idle for 26 years and will produce wagons here. The company will provide employment opportunities for a thousand people by investing close to 20 million dollars in the unused factory. In the factory, which will start production years later, wagons will be produced for the State Railways, which serves with 20 thousand wagons and aims to reach 2023 wagons in 100.
Malatya Governor Ulvi Saran said in his statement that they are making an intense effort to bring the factory, which had been idle for many years, to the economy. Explaining that they wanted to evaluate the facility in order to revive the economic life and increase employment, Saran stated that they plan to transfer the factory to the Special Provincial Administration and open it to operation by leasing. Saran stated that the Polish wagon company Tabor Szynowy has claimed the facility. Reminding that senior officials of the company examined the facility in October last year, Saran continued: “The wagon manufacturing company in Poland came to Malatya 8 months ago and made an investigation. They were willing. If they wish, they come to Malatya on 20 July. They are very serious and willing. They want to build wagons. Our suggestion was that we will mobilize the Wagon Repair Factory together with the Polish company and a consortium of 5 people in Malatya and the private administration. The high value of the ratio that intimidates people. We advised them to make long term rentals.
Stating that the factory will be operated by a consortium of Polish-Turkish companies, Saran said, “Our suggestion to the Polish company was this; Let it be an investment in partnership with Tabor, 5 people from Malatya who previously aspired to this place, and the Special Provincial Administration. Long term, 40-50 years, let them use this place by renting. Ownership is again the state. They also invest there. " Pointing out that the Polish company plans to invest 30 million dollars here, Saran stated that at least a thousand people will be employed in the facility. Saying that they hope that the facility, which is built on an area of ​​750 thousand decares, will be brought into the economy, Saran said: “An investment of at least 20-30 million dollars will be made, at least a thousand people will work. In 2023 Turkey will need at least 100 thousand cars. Currently there are 22 thousand cars in Turkey. At least 80 thousand wagons are needed. We want this need to be met by the wagon production factory in Malatya. "
The construction of Malatya Wagon Repair Factory started in 1986. The facility, which has a factory area of ​​approximately 750 acres and 6 lodgings in 50 blocks on 72 acres of land, was completed in 1989. The facility had been waiting for 26 years in that era laid the grounds that there needs to wagon factory in Turkey. Tabor Szynowy Chairman Andrezej Swıerczek, Board Member Bartosz Swıerczek and some of their executives visited the factory on 12 October 2010.

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