Palandöken Logistics Village Project

Palandöken Logistics Village Project: Hüseyin Bekmez, Head of MÜSİAD Erzurum Branch, stated that the second stage works of the Palandöken Logistics Village Project, which was built by TCDD in Erzurum, should be started.
Bekmez visited Cüneyt Güven, Board Member and Head of the Corporate Affairs Committee, Yunus Yeşilyurt, State Railways Operations Manager, and Ahmet Başar, GAR Manager, and received information about the project.
Bekmez, said here that 2014 in 1. stage work of the project to be completed 2. stage work should be started together and said.
Erzurum businessmen, as well as Turkey Bekir stating that the project does not closely follow the major businessmen in general, "for 6 years, our big businessmen who follow this business, there are investors in the company. They are waiting for the Logistics Village to be completed as soon as possible. Therefore, while the 1st stage works continue, the works for the 2nd stage should be started. If the works of both stages are carried out together, the Logistics Village is completed and put into service in a short time. Therefore, we want the authorities to be sensitive about this issue and to start the second stage studies before the 1st stage is completed ”.
Yesilyurt Aziziye district Organized Industrial Zone next to the 276 thousand square meters area built on the Palandoken Logistics Village will cost 34 million pounds, he said.

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