Özkaymak Tourism to YHT

Özkaymak Tourism YHT'ye: Özkaymak Tourism Alanya Manager Sever, Alanya to go to the citizens of Alanya as a bus to YHT'ya said that transport.
Turkish State Railways (TCDD) and Özkaymak Tourism Management Inc. With the combined transportation between High Speed ​​Train (YHT) + bus, which started within the scope of the contract signed between Ankara and Antalya, which took 9 hours by road, the travel time between Ankara and Antalya fell from 6 hours to 50 minutes, and Ankara-Alanya from 8 hours to 45 minutes to 6 hours and 20 minutes. Özkaymak Tourism Alanya Manager Serhat Sever stated that they provide the transportation of citizens who want to reach Ankara with YHT from Alanya as Özkaymak. While arriving at 8, the passengers who depart by YHT can reach Antalya by bus transfer. Passengers who take the bus from Alanya at 2013 and 11.20 hours and from Antalya at 18.00 also arrive in Ankara in a short time from Konya via YHT connection. TCDD significantly reduced the travel time between Ankara-Bursa, Ankara-Kütahya and Ankara-Karaman by making bus connections to Ankara-Eskişehir and Ankara-Konya YHT flights. This service will enable a citizen who wants to go to Ankara for any job from Alanya to return to Alanya on the same day. ”

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  1. On behalf of Ahmet DEMİR, I made a crazy / istanbul journey on 207792/05/03 on your bus with flight number 2014. FROM THAT, I WILL TELL TO MY KNOWLEDGE and THE ENVIRONMENT… I BELIEVE THAT YOU CAN NOT BE A TOURISM COMPANY THAT I AM WHAT I WANT TO MEAN… OH WHAT A COMPANY IS NOT…