Otogar-SSK Line Tramway Expeditions Started

Otogar-SSK Line Tramway Expeditions Started: Works have been accelerated in Eskişehir in order to enable long-term tram extension works until the election date.
The work is still overdue despite the time of the start date and the overdue time from the 2 over the pre-seen date continues to create distress.
The studies, which were not carried out sufficiently in the working areas for long periods of time, were accelerated by the approaching elections and the start of the candidacy processes.
The bus terminal - SSK line voyages, which were stopped due to the last switch assembly, resumed their final flights before the stipulated time. Citizens expressed their thoughts by saying "So it happens when you want to".
According to the press release made by Metropolitan Municipality on the subject:
Within the scope of the Metropolitan Municipality's Tramway Extension Lines Construction Works, the switch installations in the connection of the Batıkent - Çamlıca line to the SSK line were completed as a result of intensive work and the Bus Station - SSK services, which were stopped due to the works, resumed.
As part of the construction works of the Metropolitan Municipality of Tramway Extension Lines, the work of the Batıkent-Çamlıca line in connection with the SSK line was completed due to intensive work and the bus station - SSK line, which was stopped due to the works, began to commute again as of November.
Estram officials, teams to minimize the grievance of Eskişehir people working day / night 24 hours, completed the work as soon as possible, he said.
Tramway services continue in the normal operation of the bus station-SSK, Otogar-Osmangazi and Osmangazi Opera lines with 3 lines.

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