School trips by train

School trips take place by train: school trips, weddings and celebrations have now been moved to trains. Citizens rent TCDD's railway wagons and travel here and organize events.
The work of renting wagons from TCDD is actually not new, but the renting made for freight transportation or film shooting has been reflected in social activities this year. A train trip to Mersin was organized by Gümüş College, located in Çağlalık village of Dörtyol district of Hatay.
The trip on 'Vehicles and traffic' prepared under the supervision of classroom teachers, Süreyya Akıncı and her student's parent, Mukaddes Can, was held to introduce the vehicles to children in practice.
Class teacher Süreyya Akıncı said, “Such a trip was organized for the vehicles unit. Children are getting on the train for the first time. We will make a yacht tour in Mersin Maiden's Castle to promote the vessel ”.
Mukaddes Can said, de It was very productive to organize the transportation, entertaining, motivating and introducing the vehicles together with the parents.
Train chief Abdulkadir Meral said the following about the application:
Lar Some schools are demanding or they decide between themselves and organize such trips. We take them to the point where they want to go, and we deliver them back to their homes safely. Onları
Conductor Hakki Gungor, "those who want to make a trip in advance to make wagon reservations," he said. Gungor, the additional wagon can be done in case of prior notice expressed.

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