Northern Marmara Highway Project is in progress (Video)

Northern Marmara Motorway Project works continue: 29rd Bosphorus Bridge Northern Marmara Motorway Project, the foundations of which were laid on May 2013, 3, continues. The bridge, whose construction started on the northern side of the Bosphorus facing the Black Sea, covers the route between Garipçe village in Europe and Poyrazköy in Anatolia. Volvo construction equipment, which is the distributorship of ASC Türk, takes place in the field with all its segments at every stage of the project. Ada Metal ve Madencilik A.Ş., which continues its activities in Demirciköy Construction Site, within the scope of the project. General Manager Bekir Onat; While feeling its weight in the construction sector, the project and the project, Volvo as a brand evaluates the construction machines with the words “they provide a complete fuel saving”. Bekir Onat tells that the industry has changed rapidly since 1989, when he swallowed the dust on the construction site. "It's been 24 years and it works incredibly changed in Turkey since day one. The work, machine power and the opportunity to find qualified personnel in those years cannot be compared with today. Employees used to be like seasonal workers. When the business season was over, there were operators who were bargaining. Now it is possible to find qualified staff. Operators who worked with ridiculously low wages in the 90s now get very well paid. Unprofessional work has become fully professional.



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