Stunning statements from the former MP for the Black Sea Logistics Center

Stressful statements from the former deputy Black Sea Logistics Center: Iyidere-Of Logistics Center Project claiming to be meaningless for today, Rize, former deputy Ali Bayramoglu, Trabzon, criticized the rising objections.
AK Party Rize, former Deputy Ali Bayramoglu, Iyidere and made plans to be done about the Black Sea Logistics Center found striking explanations. Ali Bayramoğlu underlined that it is not right to make a vicious struggle between cities for the place where the logistic center will be made. You will create a structure that will spread services to all cities. You're going to build a city health base, you're going to make some city a logistics base. Some cities, universities, tourism, industry. Local politics in order to find its own resources in logistics and similar issues to make itself a political material, siyaset he said.
Ali Bayramoglu stated that the opposition in Trabzon was planning to influence the power of the Logistics Center, which is planned to be built in Iyidere District of Rize and Trabzon Province. 'First of all, it is necessary to ask. What is the point where the current power comes from Trabzon with the services it has made to other provinces? We need to look at this. You will bring up the topic of discussion by taking only one topic without looking at what is done to Trabzon. This would be a very barren debate. This is not the point we need to talk about for the logistics center. Logistics base is an extremely important concept. It is a transportation that makes a great contribution to the logistics environment. So we need to know what to carry. We built the Black Sea logistics base. Of course it's beautiful. We made customs centers, roads, vehicles, harbors. So what are we gonna move? That's the question. Where to move from here. The largest potential transport area of ​​this region is Iran. There is a big economy in the middle and many items that need to be imported. If we can transport it then it would be very good. Eğer
Ali Bayramoglu, who stated that years ago, began to build a shipyard by filling the sea in Çamburnu, continued his words as follows; Dı Great investments were made in Çamburnu. This area is as immaculate as a football field. This area started with the right planning for the shipyard. The investment planning needed to be done was a nuisance as investors could not be planned. There was a serious need for shipyard in Turkey during the same period. Ship and boat mills were needed, but when the sector collapsed in the international arena, the investor was not interested. Now will the Black Sea Logistics Base to the Iyidere and Of? That's the question we have to ask. Large ports, free zones and mills will be built. When we look at the South axis, there will be fabrications in Muş, Erzurum, Erzincan, Diyarbakır and Mardin line and these productions will be moved to the Black Sea region and will be sent to the international arena from here. This is a choice. There will be many materials from the international arena that will be distributed to the region. When we look at the reality, there is no such potential at the present stage. I find it appropriate to have the infrastructure of the logistics center. But in the coming period, you will bring along a structure parallel to this infrastructure. You logistics bases planned to İyidere'den I do not give my coups will be of a lot of returns in the short term but I hope that Iran's economic embargo on the Black Sea again, both in terms of potential future opportunities and needs for the development of its relations with both Turkey could become an important transit center. Europe, Russia, such as the import of products to be imported from the axes may allow. Then the logistics center can mean a lot.

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