National Kop Regional Development Symposium

📩 29/11/2018 16:55

National Kop Regional Development Symposium: In the final declaration of the "National KOP Regional Development Symposium" organized by the KOP Region Universities Union (UNIKOP) and the KOP Regional Administration, the railway lines to be built in the region will not only be used as YHT for passenger transport, but also for the transportation of freight. It was emphasized that it should be designed as (freight + passenger) lines and the Kayseri-Antalya high-speed train line should be included in the investment program to be completed in 2023.
UNIKOP Founding President Selcuk University (SU) Rector Prof. Dr. Hakkı Gökbel, "Energy-Natural Resources", "Industry-Transport and Logistics", "Communication-Informatics", "Food-Agriculture-Forest-Rural Development", "Social - It announced the final declaration in 7 main headings in the fields of Education-Humanities ”,“ Culture-Art-Sports-Tourism ”and“ Health Sciences ”.
Gökbel stated in the declaration that the railway lines to be built in the region should be designed not only as YHT for passenger transport but also as mixed (freight + passenger) lines that will allow cargo transportation and that the Kayseri-Antalya high-speed train line should be included in the investment program to be completed in 2023 told.
Stating that the rehabilitation and improvement works of Konya-Mersin conventional load line must be completed as soon as possible, Prof. Dr. Gökbel stated that the establishment in Niğde Ulukışla and the completion and activation of the logistics villages and centers to be built in 4 provinces in the region were also included in the final declaration.
"Water transfer studies from Ermenek and Kızılırmak to Konya should be started"
The declaration includes the following statements:
“Konya ring road should be planned to include the ring rail and included in the investment program as soon as possible. An action plan should be prepared and implemented in order for the regional industry to switch from low-intensity production to medium-high technology production. Regarding Energy-Natural Resources, the use of solar energy and renewable energy should be spread throughout the region from micro units in all sectors to macro units. Survey and planning studies on water transfer from the Gevne Stream located at the upstream of the Ermenek Dam and the Kızılırmak Basin over the Kesikköprü Dam to the Konya Closed Basin should be started. Land consolidation projects in the region should be carried out with on-farm development services, and the sustainability of the soil and water resources of the region should be ensured. "
In the final declaration of the symposium, regarding the field of "Culture-Art-Sports-Tourism", the following were recorded:
“The 'Attraction Centers Program', which included Konya in its first draft, should be implemented as soon as possible and the program should be expanded to include other provinces in the region. It is necessary to take an inventory of cultural assets, natural resources and folk culture that can activate the tourism potential of the region. Studies on Health Sciences should be made an attraction center in terms of health tourism in the region. "
Then, Vice President of YÖK Prof. Dr. UNIKOP Member Universities Workshop was held under the chairmanship of Şaban Çalış. The program was attended by KOP Regional Development Administration President Prof. Dr. Mehmet Babaoğlu, rectors of KOP Region University Association, vice-rectors, faculty deans, institute directors and faculty members attended.

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