Müsiad Erzurum will be establishing a fast train platform

Musiad Erzurum We want to speed train to the platform: Independent Industrialists and Businessmen Association (MUSIAD) management of the press together with members of the press 'Erzurum'da fast train platform we want to establish' announced.
When the high-speed train to Erzurum, the connection to Central Asia will increase even more, indicating that the Independent Industrialists and Businessmen's Association (MUSIAD) Erzurum Branch President Huseyin Bekmez, da Erzurum, not only in the local, but also in Europe and Central Asia We want to make the High Speed ​​Train Project live as soon as possible. Bursa, Izmir and Konya were not on the agenda when the Erzurum High Speed ​​Train Project was on the first agenda. Unfortunately, the High Speed ​​Line Project of these provinces has started to be implemented in some of them, while others are in the project phase but unfortunately the Erzurum High Speed ​​Line Project is not yet in the program. We expect this project to be put on the government agenda as soon as possible and the project will be put on a tender. The Sivas-Erzincan High Speed ​​Line Project and the Erzurum-Kars Line are the most suitable ones. Because the High-Speed ​​Line will be connected to the Central-Middle East and Middle East with the Kars-Baku-Tbilisi Railway Line.
The 50 of the Sivas-Ankara High Speed ​​Railway has been completed and the tender phase of the Sivas-Erzincan High Speed ​​Train Railway Project is about to be completed. This year the nationalization will be started and then construction will start. It is a pleasing development for such a project to extend to Erzurum. It is our greatest desire to come to Erzurum as soon as possible. However, the date of the State Railways launching at 2014 to Erzurum at the 'Fast Train Future' has shifted. Erzincan High Speed ​​Train Line Project tender is about to be completed and the Erzurum High Speed ​​Train Line will be ready to start. In order to create this synergy, we decided to establish a 'We want to train in Erzurum'. We would like to see non-governmental organizations of our fellow citizens other than Erzurum and Erzurum. In addition, we are waiting for people who love Erzurum and give their hearts to Erzurum. For this platform, we started to work on infrastructure to create a website to benefit from technology that is the fastest means of transportation in our era and which appeal to a wide range of audiences. Bu
Bekmez, Turkey as well as in general in Erzurum also expressed that readily mayoral election of priority on the agenda, "First of which is compatible to the party and whoever regardless of the developing world conditions, with vision, with entrepreneurial spirit, Erzurum and industrious innovative projects We want the presidents who will increase the brand value, open to the outside world, make peace with their own, give importance to relations with the neighbors, be regional before, personal, enlightened, change the fortune of our city to its historical position in the old historical history and raise the added value of the city. marka
MUSIAD Branch President Bekmez on the other hand 9 November Saturday in the leadership of the Erzurum Governorship organized by civil society organizations and the people of Erzurum showed great interest in the Walk of Fathers program now traditionally every year on the same date 93 to the spirit of the spirit of the desire to be maintained by stating that, İ Erzurum ' Osman Bedretten Erzurum, one of the spiritual dynamics of the Hocaefendi'nin salutes have also pleased us with the salutes, un he said.

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