Trolleybus nostalgia in Moscow (Video)

Trolleybus nostalgia in Moscow: Transport to the Moscow community, 80. In the year of usage, trolleybus nostalgia was experienced for the capitals.
The antique trolleybuses belonging to the period of the Old Genocide Union were brought to the Bolshoi Theater building in the city center and exhibited.
While the young people of Moscow were looking at this old public transportation vehicle with a curious look, the elders would be starving as if they had seen a new friend.
Young Georgy expressed his feelings as follows: 'I came to see these ancient means. It's really quite amazing to see those old tools that don't work, but the ones that still work. Eski
Julia Korytsine, the elderly, has a very emotional moment:
The old electric buses, which usually take its power from two cables on a power line hanging along the road, have largely lifted the burden of Moscow city transport.



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