It was morning in Üsküdar Wake up

It's morning in Üsküdar Wake up: George Marshall. The gentleman was once the US Secretary of State.
They themselves are Jewish.
He made efforts to initiate talks on the recognition of Israel.
This is when Marshall was minister, and the President of the United States was Jewish Truman.
He was the main actor in taking Jews to Palestine during the Second World War.
He tore himself to establish the state of Israel.
Under his pressure, the State of Israel was approved by the UN.
The Jews of the world sent their hearts to Truman at that time.
At the same Truman to Turkey he sent the famous Marshall Aid.
Foreign Minister George Marshall developed aid projects for some countries saying "The danger of communism is developing".
President Truman approved it.
That aid was sent to Ankara as ambassador to implement Thornburg in Turkey.
When our Thonburg sat at the table in Ankara, he made an interesting offer.
More precisely, he opened the bargain card.
"Friend," he said.
"Do you want this help?"
Our people said, "Yes, we want it very much."
“No, it's five meatballs on three sheets,” added Thonburg.
And laid down the terms;
“You will invest in highways.
There's no sea transport.
You won't spend a dime on the railways.
If you set up a locomotive factory or something, you will be in trouble. "
At that time, the investments for the railways had started.
Tunnel was passing near Sinanli village with the name of Yeregodu.
He saw the truth of the village residents.
“Those rich people don't end up here.
Because if there is a train, cars won't work.
If the train passes, there will be no customers. "
But they didn't.
from a country that manages on behalf of the Jewish capital, global capital to Turkey's sake "RAIL" he writes ban.
There were cars and British trucks to sell to this country.
It was easy for us to find the INSTALLERS.
In addition, oil was also on the list.
What we needed was ten times cheaper than rail transport.
For years, they didn't have the right nails in this country.
They sentenced us to dandy cars and trucks.
100 years ago, Sultan Abdulhamid drew out the oil map and built railroads in the deserts with a digging shovel all the way to Hejaz.
His grandchildren, automobile-trucker-petroleum global capital in the name of this country with cranes, grippers, all kinds of technology nail nail.
That's how they managed us.
They also made us sing songs with the domestic media gas of the Washington-London-Tel Aviv triangle.
"We knit the homeland with iron nets from all over" he said.
However, they covered Anatolia with oil trucks and tin cars for years.
They ate us bad, "Turkey belongs to the Turks" uyutarak with slogans.
And now…
You rent a car if you want.
You get a VIP in the comfort of a five-star hotel.
The period of high-speed trains started.
My Anatolia is woven with iron nets.
Ankara flows into Anatolia ...
And Anatolian tigers are coming towards the Bosphorus. This is the panic in the throat.
This is why BOĞAZ runs to the TRAVELers who are trying to enter Dolmabahçe.
No more running.
Or they will get on the train too ...
Or they'il be station chiefs.
Or they will settle in London.
They will travel on the Queen's famous British horse.
This is the message of MARMARAY, which connects Asia from Üsküdar to Europe.
Wake up now.
It was morning in Üsküdar !!!

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