Mhpli Koray Aydın Warns For Trabzon Logistics Center

Mhpli Koray Aydın Warns for Trabzon Logistics Center: Trabzon Deputy Koray Aydın made important statements about “Logistics Center”, one of the important investments for Trabzon.
Mhp Trabzon Deputy Koray Aydın, who started his speech with the statements of “the Çamburnu Shipyard Project” deceived and deceived for years, as our press closely follows, continued his statement as follows;
In the end, Çamburnu Shipyard was a lie, but with this lie, the Justice and Development Party of Trabzon and Sürmenelin won the game in every election since 2002. In the meantime, a new distraction period has been entered, saying "We do not have a 'Shipyard' Logistics Center ''.
However, this time, Trabzon, the official institutions, chambers, relevant non-governmental organizations and gave a good test of the press, and finally Trabzon Logistics Center project has been clarified and construction.
In fact, the Minister of Economy, Mr. Zafer Çağlayan, in his reply to the written question about açık the problems of exporters ç, has made it clear and clear that they work with the relevant institutions and organizations for the establishment of the Logistics Center in Çamburnu.
However, Trabzon Logistics Center, which has come to the stage of construction, wants to take Trabzon from'y Prime Minister Iydere wants Ancak.
I emphasize on this: Trabzon Logistics Center cannot be sacrificed to a: finished uy.
I explicitly warn the Prime Minister and the government officials. Trabzon Logistics Center cannot be confiscated with arbitrary approaches such as lar I did it ”and ız Prime Minister wants this Trabzon.
Our logistics center struggle will continue uninterruptedly by cooperating with all the people of Trabzon.
Distinguished Members of Press,
I want to clarify a topic about Trabzon Logistics Center.
While making all these warnings, as Trabzon, our aim is not to beat the vineyard but to eat grapes.
We, as Trabzon, is not an investment allocated with another, but we want to complete a project planned for our province and at the stage of construction.
As Trabzon, we support all investments to our sister city Rize until the end.
Because the investments to be made to Rize Trabzon, Trabzon to be made to investments in Rize.
In this respect, no one will be able to disrupt the friendship of Trabzon-Rize.
I have emphasized this point in all my speeches.
Here I want to express once again: Trabzon and Rize are always friendly and will remain friendly.
It is the most natural right of the Prime Minister to invest and serve his country as a Rizeli.
However, the planned investments in Trabzon, transfer to Rize, unfair to Trabzon.
If the Prime Minister wants to serve Rize, he must remove the quota imposed by ÇAYKUR on tea.
If you remember, Mr. Prime Minister 11 had promised Rizelans the quota that the year before would be ”a quota for God's tea? Hatır
We remind the Prime Minister the promise of raising the tea quota, which is the biggest expectation of Rizel.
We are not against investing in Rize as Trabzon, we always support.
However, an investment in Trabzon is done here.
The AKP is always doing this: Trabzon stops its investments first, then shifts it to another place.
Moreover, there is no need to cancel Çamburnu for the logistics center in Rize İydere.
If the Prime Minister says that the Trabzon Logistics Center does not appeal to Rize, he should put his hand in his conscience, let him think about the sources of this country, and if he wants to, Iydere should have a logistics center.
In other words, there is a quota about logistics center; AKP shifts its investment to Rize. Uz Logistics should be done in Trabzon, Rize should be done if necessary s we are defending it.
Distinguished Members of the Press,
AKP's investments in Trabzon resemble that of Azrael.
He's famous. They asked a mother, ”Azra that the boy is distributing children, how many will you want? Bir
The mother said: al The grim reaper does not take my child. I don't want a child from Azrael. Ben This example describes the AKP's investments in Trabzon.
We say to the AKP, "Trabzon as our investment is not enough to take our hand."
Distinguished Members of the Press,
In the logistics center, all kinds of studies such as planning, project planning, proximity to sea and airports, land, sea and air transportation facilities should be done.
The resources of our country and the inadequacy of investment allowances in our budget are known to everyone.
As a country, we have to use the resources in the most efficient way.
Considering all information, documents, studies and reports; The most suitable place for Trabzon Logistics Center in terms of physical conditions and cost is Sürmene-Çamburnu.
Because everything is ready to make logistics center in Çamburnu.
The logistics center to be built from Çamburnu is wanted to be prevented during construction.
Distinguished Members of the Press,
When the Logistics Center is built in Çamburnu, it will be closer to Rize than Trabzon.
Because Çamburnu is 35 km to Rize Center and 49 km to Trabzon Center.
There will be no harm to Rize from a logistics center to be established in Çamburnu, so Rize will benefit from this investment as well.
Some government members and AKP sözcüAs stated by Ş., if the preparation of physical conditions and cost is not sought, then scientific and technical reports should be respected.
According to scientific and technical reports, the most suitable place for the logistics center in the Eastern Black Sea Region is Arsin Yeşilyalı.
Because Yeşilyalı, next to the Organized Industrial Zone.
Yeşilyalı is closer to Trabzon Airport, the only airport in the Eastern Black Sea.
Because, Yeşilyalı is closer to Trabzon Port, which is the largest port of the region.
The only thing to be done in Yeşilyalı is the preparation of the sea fill and logistics area.
If the Prime Minister and officials say that there is a shipyard allocation in Çamburnu, and that the area is insufficient, then the ideal place is Yeşilyalı.
Distinguished Members of the Press,
I would particularly like to draw your attention to this.
Trabzon Logistics Center from Çamburnu as the reason for the small size of the area is put forward.
If the area is small, the area needs to be done with sea fill.
In the Black Sea, gaining space by sea is more economical than expropriation. Moreover, the trees and the nature of the expropriated areas are destroyed and additional costs will be required and the new area will be gained in the sea fill.
To explain this situation with an example; During the ministry period, I think about the X 1 million m2 dü new area which has been planned, planned, projected and started construction.
Here is Turkey's longest hiking trail in the acquired areas, parks, gardens, sports fields, playgrounds and walkways are made.
In short, thanks to the area we gained, the horizon of Trabzon opened, Trabzon in the true sense of the 'Pearl of the Black Sea' deserved to be.
In this respect, taking into account the expropriation, tree and environmental damage and other construction costs, it will be much more convenient to gain space with sea fill for Trabzon Logistics Center.
Distinguished Members of Press,
Trabzon Logistics Center is not only a logistics center.
In other words, Trabzon Logistics Center is not just a transport warehouse, but an industrial and commercial attraction zone.
Trabzon Logistics Center, annual exports to Turkey will contribute approximately 7 billion dollars.
Trabzon Logistics Center will generate around 3 Billion Dollar economic value annually.
The Trabzon Logistics Center will provide employment to around 13 Thousand people.
Trabzon Logistics Center will provide competitive advantage to our country in the international market.
Trabzon Logistics Center, will give new life to the Historic Silk Road, Turkey's Turkish world will be a gateway to the Middle and Far East.
I once again openly inform Mr. Prime Minister and government officials: Trabzon cannot lift an injustice on the logistics center.
Distinguished Members of the Press,
Trabzon, previously a logistics center has been exposed to injustice.
In 2010, the logistics center project prepared for Trabzon was moved to Samsun.
The 'Trabzon Logistics Center Project gerekçe of the Trabzon Chamber of Commerce within the scope of the European Union projects in 2010 was shifted to Samsun due to the fact that Trabzon received a greater share of EU projects.
I want to draw the attention of all the people of Trabzon to an important point without any political discrimination.
If the logistics center goes from Trabzon, Erzincan-Bayburt-Gümüşhane-Trabzon Railroad will be interrupted.
In fact, the news that the Erzincan-Bayburt-Gümüşhane-Trabzon railway project was postponed to 2017 was reflected in the press.
However, if Trabzon Logistics Center is established, the project of Erzincan-Bayburt-Gümüşhane-Trabzon railway project and Batumi-Hopa-Rize-Trabzon railway project will be put on the agenda and will be implemented.
As it is known, the Bayburt and Gümüşhane provinces support the Trabzon Logistics Center project.
The unanimous statements of the non-governmental organizations of Bayburt and Gümüşhane City Council are clear.
THERE WAS TRABZON; We should do the political, not political
Distinguished Members of the Press, I would like to emphasize once again: Trabzon is not a city to hit the head, bread from his hand to be taken.
Kora kor, we will fight tooth to tooth. We should defend and implement the press, civil society together with the relevant institution, its organization and people.
When it comes to Trabzon; We must cooperate, not politics.
Public institutions, professional organizations, scientists, press, non-governmental organizations and all Trabzon people will hand in hand and we will protect the right of Trabzon.
As you all know, Trabzon, conquered by Fatih, directed by Yavuz and
TRABZON is not only the inhabitants of Trabzon, it is a city that has a fame, power and influence all over the world. For this reason, Mr. Prime Minister is warned once again and in ”We say.

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