MHP's Çetinkaya: Ankara Metro Lie Lit Until 29 October

Çetinkaya of MHP: Ankara Metro Lies Lie Until October 29: The Nationalist Movement Party (Mhp) Ankara Provincial President Fatih Çetinkaya criticized the delays in the construction of Çayyolu, Sincan and Keçiören metro.
Çetinkaya, in a written statement, “The opening news of the subway turned into a series of media in the pro-media. The words were not kept and happened to Ankara residents. Public transport has become inexorable in the Capital. ” said. Claiming that Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Melih Gökçek was crushed under the subway construction and left Başkent alone with the debt hump, Çetinkaya continued: “They have opened the opening of the subways until now in a series of media outlets. When we say it opens in September and opens in October, we have entered November and there is nothing. Unfortunately, in the face of Melih Gökçek's desperation in the subway constructions, Akp's rescue was not able to make us smile in the capital city's townspeople, who suffered great suffering in public transportation. Melih Gökçek was the only survivor of Ankara, when she was suffering from her home and returning home.
Reminding that the news that he handed over the construction of Çayyolu Metro with 2012 percent in February 92, Çetinkaya said, “Whatever wisdom, the remaining 8 percent could not be finished in almost two years. Unfortunately, the situation is the same in the Keçiören metro. The construction of Keçiören metro, which was mentioned to be completed in 2002 while its construction started in 2005, has been delayed by 8 years. Due to these delays, both the material and moral loss of our citizens of Başkent have been great. ” used expressions.
Cetinkaya, arguing that those who have appointed months or even days for the subway openings were ridiculed with the capital city, said, “Behold, the Metro was going to start serving on October 29? Yesterday, why those who spoke as 'Metro will be opened on October 29' are now suspended. The subway lie of the government, like the liar of the liar, burned until October 29. Akp may not be tired of making these empty promises, but the Capital is tired of hearing them. The officials who entered the statement race should leave their empty speeches and end the suffering of our citizens. ” made the explanation.

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