Overpass for Metrobus astonishes those who see

The overpass for the Metrobus astonishes those who see it: Istanbul's vehicle and pedestrian traffic in the most intense region of Mecidiyeköy metrobus is seen to be surprised by the overpass.
Mecidiyeköy TEM-motorway to reach the metrobus stops on the motorway is an invitation to accidents.
This is Mecidiyeköy tal One of the key points of Istanbul transportation. Every day, thousands of people use transportation lines such as metro, metrobus and bus to go to their workplaces and schools.
How's this overpass?
There is so much neglect in this neighborhood where human floods flow, causing a fatal accident at any moment. This overpass for the Mecidiyeköy metrobus station presents almost no difficulty and danger to the citizens rather than providing convenience and security.

The overpass was built with only the transition to metrobus stops. Yet many people have to cross the road every day. There are people who have to use metro and bus stops var

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