The secret of the murder at the Metrobus stop (Video)

The secret of the murder in the Metrobus station was solved: The armed brawl that was wounded by a police officer in the Metrobus Station and the death of one person was opened.
Şirinevler Metrobus Stop last night at the 02.10 ranks, according to eyewitness testimony developed as follows:
Samet E., a police officer working in the Güven Teams, wanted to get off at Bahçelievler Station from Mecidiyeköy with his girlfriend, but when the doors were closed early, the police officer remained in the vehicle, although his girlfriend came down. Two people who laughed at this situation said to the police officer, "What kind of man are you?
Accidentally shot his friend
So the discussion that started started to grow soon. In the meantime, when the metrobus Şirinevler stop the police officer, to return to the stop where his girlfriend went down to the stop by the metrobus. The people he discussed continued the debate by going after the police. Police officer Samet E., who wanted to get rid of the attackers who hit him with his iron suit bag, first fired a hand into the air. Then he wanted to ride another metrobus. The suspects, however, continued to be beaten by police on the bus. Ugur G. during the fight, the police thought the gun on the ground, taking the gun began to flee. The police officer ran after him and caught the suspect on the stairs of the Metrobus stop. During the fight that started between the two, the gun took a shot and the bullet from the gun hit Ugur G.'s friend Cenk Ocak, who came to help. Cenk Ocak, who was taken to hospital with serious injuries, lost his life.
After the incident, police officers Samet E. and Uğur G. were detained by the police. Interrogated at the Homicide Bureau, Uğur G. said, “We were fighting. I had a gun. "I don't remember what happened next," he said. It was learned that detained Uğur G. had previously been registered to the police three times for drug use. On the other hand, it was stated that Cenk Ocak, who lost his life in the incident, had previous records of his arrival to the police for the crimes of injury, threat and unlicensed guns.



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