Metrobus failure has become a retribution

Metrobus failure has been a pardon: Istanbul began the morning of Monday morning. While the traffic was intensifying due to the rain, the successive breakdown of the 2 metrobus transformed transportation into a fright.
Istanbul traffic is experiencing Monday's syndrome! When the metrobus fault was added to the traffic which was concentrated due to rain, the transportation turned to retribution.
The deterioration of the two metrobus in the morning led to serious disruption of transportation. While long queues were formed on the Metrobus line, many people had to wait at the metrobus stop for minutes.
Many citizens announced their troubles on Twitter.
Here are some of those tweets:
What kind of a Monday is this, bridges are key roads closed and of course BRT is a breakdown ...
There was also metrobus traffic as if traffic in Istanbul was not enough
Think of a city where traffic is trapped even on the road of Metrobus. Yes, yes, Istanbul.
What a fun day !! 2 metrobus broken into the garden until I came home!
You said Monday syndrome, but this is the BRT syndrome you know.
Metrobus is worse than the worst today.
@Serkankose1903 9 min
37 with metrobus in the minute from the hunters to come to Zeytinburnu great success :)
in @ekmekdegilpas
Metrobus, today you've made me nervous a little bit more if you continue to do a little bit more
@cihatolog 25 min
What is the traffic situation from Kasımpaşa direction to Çağlayan? Should we buy spare underwear or do we do the metro metrobus without risk.

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