Maximum safety in rail system

Maximum safety in rail systems: The next generation of receivers to be used in rail systems will maximize safety in rail transport. The physical and technical data obtained in real time will improve the quality of the rail systems as well as ensure the optimum level of safety.
High-speed trains running on steel rails, or Maglev trains traveling in the air without the effect of friction with electromagnetic force, the fastest and most comfortable transportation of rail on the future, the security system also quickly jumps in the age field.
The tracking system developed by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University offers the most economical and most efficient rail system receivers. The new fiber optic receivers, which are tested on the 36 kilometer railway that combines China and the city-state of Hong Kong, create an early warning system against possible dangers with real-time measurements, while ensuring that the technical problems resulting from the uninterrupted travel of trains are detected immediately.
Buyers placed on the railway at regular intervals form a chain that controls the rail system from beginning to end. In addition to the railway, the receivers are placed on the mechanical parts of the train.
Fiber optic receivers convert a signal to another type of signal, allowing for various measurements. For example, a light signal is converted to an electrical signal and allows the measurement of parameters such as pressure and acceleration. Technical measurements provide immediate warning when the train is overloaded.
Compared to air transport, the cost of operation and construction is much cheaper.
The warning and security system developed by Chinese engineers first attracted Australia and Singapore. Fiber optic receivers to be used in high-speed trains will make rail systems more efficient in areas where population density is increasing and transportation infrastructure develops. The annual maintenance cost of the warning system is 250 thousand dollars for a line.

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