Marmaray's game is out

Marmaray's game has been released: The game of Marmaray, who had to cancel her flights several times due to the problems she experienced in the first week of its opening, was released.
The game, which was named after the term 'help thing', which the Prime Minister used by forgetting his name while in the train, has already succeeded in making a sound in the game world.
In the 'Marmaray help thing' developed by team, you will find yourself in the Marmaray train with the start of the game. At this point, you will check the character you encounter and try to lower the distress thing and fill the bar at the bottom right.
To fill the bar in the lower part of the long time you need to keep in mind that you need to keep pressed. But you should not be caught by paying attention to the surrounding passengers while downloading the help. You can tell from the exclamation marks on the heads that the passengers will look at you. Together with your moves, if you manage to fill the bar before the end of your period, you will skip the level. The game consists of three levels.
After three levels, you will see the finish menu. You can record your score from the finish menu. To do so, simply click on the Register button and enter your name in the box. For the music of the play, a music was selected from the Gezi Park events. While you are pushing the helper Şeysi and collecting points, you also play the piece called un Marauder's wow wow yandan by Boğaziçi University Jazz Choir.
Game from here you can download…

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