The route of Marmaray is wrong (Video)

The route of the Marmaray is wrong: Mücella Yapıcı made striking statements in the Contrary Questions program.
Yapıcı, whose name is frequently heard in Gezi Park events, made evaluations about the construction of the 3rd bridge, which is one of the controversial issues of the last days. Yapıcı argued that the 3rd bridge was a murder and claimed that Prime Minister Erdoğan had a similar opinion when he was the mayor of Istanbul.
"Kadir Topbaş has no authority to govern Istanbul"
Despite the allegations that Gezi Park had lost its functionality, Yapıcı claimed that Gezi Park already had many functions. Stating that the structuring planned in the Gezi Pakı is related to the Conservation Board and the Ministry of Culture, Yapıcı said, “Kadir Bey has no authority to govern Istanbul, everything is decided from the center,” regarding Kadir Topbaş, the Mayor of Istanbul.
"Marmaray's route is wrong"
Making interesting claims about Marmaray, which was put into service on October 29, Yapıcı claimed that it is difficult for Marmaray to serve Istanbulites in its current state and said "Marmaray's route is wrong".

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