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Security of the security in safe hands: Chairman of the Board of Directors Arafat Bingöl Yavuz Security important announcements in recent days, "Is Marmaray safe or not?" A reply to the discussions that Marmaray's security services Yavuz Security and Protection Services Chairman of the Board Arafat Bingöl ' came from.
29 Marmaray, which opens at the October Republic Day and connects Asia and European continents with iron via the sea, which is presented as the birbirine project of the century Ekim, remains on the agenda. Marmaray talked with the news of the failure, the last security officials came to the aid of a woman and her baby came up with the news.
Arafat Bingöl, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of BİNSAT Group in Bahçelievler, which provides security services for Marmaray, also made a statement to the newspaper365 about the claims related to Marmaray. Arafat Bingöl, who has been in the sector since 1997 and provides security services and VIP protection services in the public and private sector, also gave information about the technical and physical security of Marmaray.
After the opening of Marmaray the first unfortunate accident took place in the escalators. The moment of carelessness of a woman who came to Üsküdar with her baby and put the stroller on the escalators was costing a little more. An instant error with the baby in the stroller with the baby rolling around the escalators of the help, Yavuz Security and Protection Services connected to the security officers ran.
One of the security officers who intervened in an attack on the incident helped the mother in taking the baby. Security and special trainings such as elevator and escalator control and psychology, so that they intervened in time and calmed the shocked mother.
Arafat Bingöl emphasized that Marmaray is both technically and physically safe and said, de We witnessed the sensitivity shown while working there. The contrary is the provocation of some groups. At times, the errors in the press, 'Marmaray failure' errors in the form of a technical failure, not because someone is pressing the emergency button deliberately. Goal; damage This project, this beautiful service, to sabotage the project of this century is done by some cuttings. We have taken the necessary measures by establishing a separate team about this. Biz
Me We are also very sensitive for the security of every Prime Minister of Marmaray, whom he called orsa the project of the century dan, said Bingöl. should give the money karş.
Noting that the security officers working in Marmaray received special training, Bingöl said, “Since Marmaray was the project of the century, important trainings were given to our personnel until the opening. First-aid training, occupational health and safety training, fire training, bombing, terror and chemical attacks, including various topics such as safety and sabotage training, elevator and escalator control training, camera and security systems training, such as theoretical and practical information was given. In short, our team that provides security in Marmaray is one of the well-equipped and trained personnel. I would argue that; Marmaray is a safe and secure project with its employees, technical team and system in every sense. Marmar

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