First day of pay

The first day of paid pass at Marmaray: TCDD Deputy General Manager and Board Member Veysi Kurt said that they think that the citizens using Marmaray by leaving the traffic of the city brings a relief to the city.
The 29-day free transportation at Marmaray, which connects Asia and Europe with a tunnel under the sea and was opened on October 15, Republic Day, ended. Paid transfers started from 06.00:XNUMX in the morning.
Answering questions from the AA correspondent on the subject TCDD Assistant General Manager and Board Member Kurt, 15 daily free transport period experienced a serious intensity and 4-5 million passengers are estimated to be transported said.
Reminding that paid passes started as of 06.00:1,95 this morning, Kurt said, “Full ticket is 1 TL, student ticket is 1,40 TL. If the passenger has used a public transportation before Marmaray and makes the second transfer in Marmaray, the full ticket is 40 lira, the student is 95 kurus. The ticket price for our disabled passengers is XNUMX kurus ”.
Stating that they aim to carry an average of more than 200 thousand passengers per day, Kurt said, “We are working in coordination with Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. They also organized new expeditions. Even if we take a minimum of 100 thousand, 150 thousand, 200 thousand passengers, these people naturally used to cross the city using another means of transportation. "As of now, we think that these passengers are getting out of that traffic of the city and they are bringing relief to the city as they use Marmaray completely."
Regarding when Sirkeci Station will open, Veysi Kurt said:
“Regarding Sirkeci, we do not yet have precise information about the intensity to be experienced. Therefore, we are trying to make observations there, especially for this intensity. What kind of intensity will be experienced, we will make an evaluation accordingly and hopefully we plan to open it in a short time.

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