Iznik tiles used in the Marmaris suck stress

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Iznik tiles used in Marmaras absorb stress: the walls of the metro stations in Istanbul adorn the tiles of the Iznik Foundation. In the stations of Marmaray, the wall panels of Iznik Foundation were used in the art workshops, and the tiles produced by young women in their workshops were used.
It is a positive development to include works of art in public areas where human traffic is intense. The revival of the art that disappeared five hundred years ago and the similarities of the tiles used in the wall decoration of the palaces and mosques are important in today's modern buildings.
Old Iznik tiles are works of art all over the world. World-renowned tiles, 14. 17 from the 19th century. century made up in Iznik. Tile produced in Iznik for the first time 14. century, Sultan Orhan Mosque was used in the altar. Later, Iznik tile makers adorned the palaces and mosques with the patronage of the Ottoman palace. Tile plates, water containers were made. 17. century after the palace began to lose power, the tile was not patronized. Tile workshops in Iznik disappeared without a trace and left behind.
In 1993, Dr. Established under the leadership of Işıl Akbaygil, the Iznik Foundation explored the secrets of the'n Iznik tile nik technique three hundred years later, with the support of Istanbul University, Istanbul Technical University and TUBITAK. Iznik Tile and Ceramic Research Center in Iznik production facilities in the old technique was able to produce Iznik tile.
Professor Akbaygil said, ı We learned how to make Iznik tiles from years ago with a great research and development effort. In The dough, paint and glaze are the materials used in every stage and the technique of cooking the tiles. Ham
The raw material of Iznik tile is not earth. Like porcelain plates, quartz pulp is used. Quartz is a glass-like hard and semi-precious mine, which Osmani calls, necef K. In the Ottoman period, rosary and jewels were made.
Iznik tile is absorbing stress
One feature of this article is that it affects insan positive “people. The traction of quartz makes people want to touch Iznik tiles continuously. Iznik tiles absorb the stress on people.
All of the dyes used for coloring the quartz based dough used in tile making are specially prepared from metal oxides and quartz mixture. Bordan blue, copper green, iron red is obtained. The tiles, which are colored with these traditional paints, are baked at 900 by glazing with quartz.
Quartz tile making is labor intensive and time-consuming. 80 is the manual labor of Chinese cost.
The Iznik Foundation trains designers and tilemakers with special training programs. Now a hundred people are trying to produce Iznik tiles. Almost all young women in design and production.

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