A guard on every helpline

A guard for each emergency branch in Marmaray: The disruption of the voyages as a result of the withdrawal of the emergency arm in Marmaray caused TCDD to take an interesting measure.
Passengers boarding Marmaray from the direction of the Separation Fountain on Sunday morning encountered two Marmaray officers wearing TCDD vests in each wagon.
According to the report of Enis Tayman from Hürriyet newspaper, the officials were there "to catch those who pulled the distress arm". A Marmaray employee who did not reveal his name summarized the reason for staffing in Marmaray wagons, which also have a camera system, as “staff shortage”.
Arguing that the camera system cannot fully control, Marmaray employee said, “Too many personnel are required to control with cameras. "The General Directorate had to provide control by putting around 50 personnel on the train in this way," he said. Another employee said that the Marmaray officials did not inform them about the deadline of the task.
It was learned that almost all of the personnel assigned to be responsible for the safety of the emergency arm were desk or field officers. A Marmaray employee said, “We have signaling controllers among us and our female friends who normally work at the desk. "We were called to work overtime on Sunday," he said.
A female Marmaray employee stated that overtime pay will be provided. Passengers were also surprised by the start of the Marmaray officials in this way.

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