Golden days of Marmarayda

The golden days in Marmaray: The project of the century Marmaray hosted hundreds of citizens yesterday. Even though Sirkeci Station is not yet operational, it continues to use Marmaray to address the curiosity of the elderly and housewives.
Citizens prefer Marmaray instead of bridges, even if the first day does not experience the intensity. In fact, among the people 'women began to make their golden days in Marmaray' comments are made even. It was noteworthy that the minor problems in the first day did not diminish the interest of the citizen in Marmaray. In the meantime, 2 has been restricted from the stations and press members of Marmaray. The perons of the day before the presence of large amounts of security officials did not escape. Security officials to help citizens, journalists reminded of the necessity of obtaining permission for the shooting, citizens who were shot for souvenir purposes were seen. Officials say the Sirkeci station will open in a few days.

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