I boarded for wonder and got 50 a thousand dollars

For the curiosity of the rode in and the 50 thousand dollars found: a thousand people who wondered for Marmaray and found the 50 thousand dollars, the money was delivered to the owner
Finding the bag in Marmaray where he was riding for a curiosity in Istanbul, 50 found the bag with a thousand dollars and handed it to the owner without touching a penny. Turkmenistan nationals who lost money to the wonder of the people learned that rode Marmaray. Fevzi Kaynar, a citizen who came from abroad but wanted to see Marmaray which he was curious to before he went to his hometown Konya, got on a Marmaray train from the Anatolian side. Kaynar's attention from the Kazlıçeşme Station pulled a bag standing inside the train. Kaynar, who took the bag and saw it inside, saw that there were 50 thousand dollars, some Turkish currency, gold earrings and passports and various documents in the bag. Kaynar, who took the bag, went directly to the security chief at Kazlıçeşme station and handed the bag to the officers. The station staff, looking inside the bag, found an organizer with telephone numbers. The phone number of the officials set out the bag of Turkmenistan nationals 23 Suhrob Haydarov'a detected that the age. Authorities reached Haydarov by phone, called Kazlıçeşme station to receive the bag. Luckily, the young, unfortunate young man from Turkmenistan who came to the station, took back his lost bag. Fevzi Kaynar found the bag and delivered it to safety. "Young friend, she forgot the bag, she needed that money too."
Suhrob Haydarov, who was happy to find the money he lost, would like to thank the friend who found the money. May Allah be pleased with him. I got on a ride to Marmaray. But I forgot my purse when I landed. Then I came when they called me. May Allah bless everyone. Allah Hüseyin Dönmezoğlu, the station manager who brought the two citizens together, handed the money to the owner in police custody. The friend who found him was present here. He said thank you to him. Haydarov, who took his money, left the station with Fevzi Kaynar who found the money.

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