Planned discrediting against the Marmaras

Planned disregardment against the Marmaras: City Management Specialist Dr. Bozlağan said that some certain circles tried to damage the image of metrobus when they were first opened and said açıl Now the same scenario is being implemented for Marmaray Boz.
Dean of Marmara University Faculty of Political Sciences and Head of the Department of Science of Istanbul Studies. Dr. Recep Bozlagan, claiming a systematic study was carried out to discredit Marmaray, "no metro or tram line in the back of the emergency branch of 'curious' Istanbullular, what a misfortune Marmaray'da accidentally pulls his arm," he said. Marmaray is a strategic transportation and logistics project at international level, but some circles have become the target of Prof. Dr. Bozlağan said: ed When the first BRT line was opened in İstanbul, the known circles had made an effort to attack the whole of the image of Metrobus. Metrobus, a wise investment, was turned into scapegoat and discredited. The same scenario is implemented in Marmaray. Aynı
As a result of the implementation of such a system for the first time that some of the business errors are exaggerated spoken Bozlağan said: metro No metro or tram line in the back of the emergency branch of 'curious' Istanbul'iler, what a misunderstanding in Marmaray accidentally pulls his arm. Everyone sees that a systematic study is under way to discredit Marmaray. Each of the criticisms against Marmaray should be taken seriously and given the necessary answers to those who are wrong. A comprehensive study of this disarming campaign would be a strategic step ahead of local elections.
Bozlagan suggested that the operation of Marmaray should be taken from the State Railways and transferred to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality as soon as possible. İstanbul The multi-headed structure in the transportation of Istanbul engages in solving the traffic problems. For the solution of Istanbul traffic, development, construction, economic and commercial areas and tourism management should be handled in a holistic framework.

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