Giant parking lot

Giant parking in Marmaray: İSPARK will build two parking lots of 500 vehicles in Kazlıçeşme and Kozyatağı in order to reduce the vehicle load in the city traffic by using Marmaray.
In a written statement made by Istanbul Parking Lot Operations (İSPARK), an affiliate of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality; He stated that new parking lots will be built integrated with the Marmaray Project, which is expected to reduce the vehicle load in Istanbul traffic.
İSPARK, which opened "Park Et Continue" parking lots close to public transportation stations throughout the city, will also build new parking lots close to the Marmaray line. İSPARK, which works in coordination with the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, has started work to build a parking lot for a total of 500 thousand vehicles in Kazlıçeşme and Kozyatağı.
With the parking lots to be built, citizens will be encouraged to use Marmaray. The driver, who leaves his vehicle in Kazlıçeşme and Kozyatağı parking lots, will be able to travel easily on the Anatolian and European sides using Marmaray. In addition, they will be able to easily choose different transportation options by using metrobus and other metro transfer centers.
Drivers parked their cars in KozyatağıKadıköy It is aimed to reach Ayrılıkçeşme with its metro and continue on its way by transferring to Marmaray from here.
ISPARK's "Park and Continue" parking lots are becoming widespread ..
projects that contribute significantly to the reduction of traffic congestion ISPARK first implements IMM subsidiary in Turkey, continues to increase the parking capacity.
The project, which provides the 100 car convoy to be withdrawn from the traffic every day, provides services to the citizens with the capacity of 32 thousand vehicles at the 10 point where traffic is intense throughout the city. In the near future, with the opening of Sarıyer Hacıosman metro underground car park for 422 vehicles, 30 will be served at the point.
Approximately 3 million 500 thousand people annually benefit from the "Park and Continue" system, which is a low-cost parking application close to public transportation stations.

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