The bomb hunter is coming to Marmaray and metros (Video)

Marmaray and subway bomb hunters coming to Turkey and the biggest fear of bomb attacks, the latest technology products of public transport detectors all over the world to find a solution ...
A very special detector has been developed to prevent the bombed suicide activists from doing this action in crowds.
According to the news compiled by Ardan Zentürk in the Moderator Night program of 24 TV; The main target of terrorism is mass transportation vehicles such as metro, train and tram used by civilians and civilians, but a very effective solution was found.
Last week, in a statement by NATO and Russia, it was regarded as a historical development in terms of humanity taking common measures against terrorism. A system developed by NATO and Russia in the framework of the science program for security and peace will be able to identify the suicide bomber who is trying to hide in crowds and is walking towards his goal.
Standex called the program's budget to Turkey, Russia, America, England, France and Italy have met together. Thousands of people from within the program to detect the person who bombed the Netherlands, France, Germany, Italy and Russia in collaboration with the laboratories of life was passed.
Standex was tested in the subway of a European capital that was not named in July. During the peak of the crowd, the person who entered the subway with a bomb system was immediately detected by the system.
In this first partnership of NATO and Russia, the aim is to stop the bombings in the cities immediately and to neutralize the terrorists.
Standex gives security officials the chance to neutralize the identified bombing activist without disturbing the crowd and causing no panic in the crowd.
With the successful completion of the studies started in 2009, it is stated that Standex can be placed in all mass transportation vehicles starting from the metro system in Russia with NATO member countries very soon.

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