Found body at Marmaray site

A body was found at the Marmaray site: the workers at the Pendik Marmaray site found a body in the construction site. It was learned that the deceased person was Emin Kızılkan, who had been missing since last night, and the police launched a large-scale investigation into the incident.
Workers who came to the Marmaray line construction site in Pendik Güzelyalı neighborhood saw a person lying on the ground in the construction site. Workers told the police and health teams situation. Short-time health teams from the scene of the old man lost his life. Police teams also carried out environmental safety investigations at the scene. The police received information from workers on the construction site. Police teams after their investigation, determined that the deceased 76 confident Emin Kızılkan.
It was learned that Kızılkan was reported missing by his family last night. The study was started to determine the exact cause of death of Kızılkan, who was estimated to have lost his life by falling from a height of about 20 meters. Kızılkan's body was removed from the morgue of Marmara University Pendik Training and Research Hospital.

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