Marmaray entered the track

Marmaray is on track: The distress sabotage has ended. TCDD took precautions, glitches were cut like a knife. Marmaray, which entered service on October 29, has finally returned to normal. After the good news that the expeditions will be free for 15 days, in Marmaray, where the citizens showed great interest, there were disruptions in the first days as a result of constantly pulling the “help” arms. While there were no similar events in the subway lines that were put into service in Istanbul before, the repetition of the same incident in Marmaray brought “sabotage” to mind. After a similar attempt, the fact that some people in the group who walked Marmaray walked into the tunnel “Taksim everywhere, resistance everywhere” strengthened the doubts in this direction. After the headline “Trip Sabotage to Marmaray” of our newspaper, TCDD took measures to sabotage attempts by assigning security guards on all trains. While the trips have returned to normal in Marmaray, where there has not been a single glitch in the last two days, the citizen also took a breath. Marmaray, the opening day of occupying the Maiden Tower, the ceremony to be visible from space opens posters Turkey Youth Union members are suspected sabotage. Meanwhile, it was noted that TCDD, which placed two security guards in front of each emergency arm at the weekend, reduced the number yesterday after the situation became normal.

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