Thousand daily cash deposit in Marmaray excavations

Excavations at the Marmaray excavation of a thousand thousand were removed: Deputy Director of the Museum of Istanbul Archaeological Museum Rahmi Asal, Marmaray excavations in a day until a thousand cases were removed from the disc, 150 bin casing is waiting for classifications, he said.
The 17nd Museum Rescue Excavations Symposium and Museum Workshop, which will last until 22 November, started at Adana Sürmeli Hotel. Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism Abdurrahim Arıcı, Adana Governor Hüseyin Avni Coş and many scientists attended the workshop. Speaking at the ceremony, Istanbul Archeology Museum Deputy Director Rahmi Asal said that the Marmaray project, which has been going on for 9 years, took the historical peninsula 8 years ago. Stating that there were nearly 500 thousand footprints in the studies, which are not seen in the world, Asal said, “A group of finds that has never been seen anywhere before has been unearthed. Footprints in the mud. It was very difficult to detect this while working in a sea of ​​mud. Approximately 2 thousand footprints were detected. All of these have been documented. It was taken into molds on site, and all the pieces were cut into puzzles and transferred to our museum. "Currently, work continues in the museum."
The historical findings unearthed in the excavations of Marmaray reached an incredible number and said:
“When the tombs and their architect were unearthed in the process that started with pottery pieces in the historical half, it was understood that there was a Neolithic period settlement here. Workshops were carried out together with the excavation. However, the excavations were swift and the workshops were slow. The reason for this is the incredible number of finds. When our foreign colleagues come to our museum, they learn that the number of finds found in our museum is sometimes 500, sometimes thousand cases a day, and they ask whether the figures are annual. We say that this is just the daily figure. Even now, we have 150 thousand cases waiting to be classified.

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