Marmaray to clean Istanbul's air

Marmaray will clean the air of Istanbul: The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization reported that Marmaray will not only relieve the traffic of Istanbul but will also reduce air pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions. Marmaray thanks to Marmaray 130 thousand tons of greenhouse gas reduction in Istanbul was calculated.
In the written evaluation made by the Ministry, Marmaray will not only relieve the simple traffic, but the “Project of the Century” opened by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan will prevent the air pollution of Istanbul. The greenhouse gas emission emitted from the Bosphorus, where approximately 154 million 791 thousand 972 vehicles pass, is 44 million tons. With Marmaray, this rate is expected to decrease by 130 tons per year. Marmaray, which will carry 355 million people a day, will reduce the emissions of air pollution, as well as reducing the emission of episodes. With Marmaray, 1 thousand tons of decrease is expected in the air of Istanbul, carbon monoxide, azotoxide, non-methane hydrocarbon gases. ” information was shared.
According to the World Health Organization's September 2013 report, air pollution is the most important factor that triggers lung cancer after smoking. According to the data of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, the sulfur dioxide value, which was 1994 in Istanbul in 145, dropped to 2013 µg / m7 in 3, resulting in an approximately 20-fold improvement in air quality. The Ministry said, “Greenhouse gas triggers global warming, especially by causing rapid temperature increases in the atmosphere. With the sudden increase in temperature, climate changes occur and there are negative effects on all areas of life such as physical and natural environment, urban life, development, economy, technology, human rights, agriculture, food, clean water and health. ” made the explanation.

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