Marmaray is a blessing for Istanbulites

Marmaray is a blessing for Istanbulites: the free use period of Marmaray ended. Istanbul from one side of the Bosphorus to the other from the tube gate to the train who want to pass by the train will pay the money now. On this occasion, I would like to undertake a delayed Marmaray evaluation and underline a point I think is important about the logistics infrastructure of Anatolia on Marmaray. Did you ever see the map of Turkey's highways? I would rather take a look today. Take a look at the green and blue as well as the Turkish position Kore'nin. Don't say, "Korean again?" Korea is the only country in the last thirty years that we are trying to do today. The only country that has been able to jump from middle income to high income in the last thirty years. I wonder how those who wondered how this highway should never mind the work of the business. Marmaray is a great service, but the subject is passenger transport. The Istanbul-Ankara high-speed train project is also extremely important, but again related to passenger transport.
Turkey if there would be a high-income countries, the Anatolia links with industry to rethink the market and must be strengthened. Container (freight) transport as much as passenger transportation should be the basic element of our transportation policy. It is true. Passengers vote, but containers cannot vote. However, containers create employment. In transportation policy, asymmetry should be revised by focusing on the passenger and neglecting the cargo transportation. I think Marmaray is a great blessing for Istanbul. It was built with Marmaray, in fact, instead of the backbone of the Istanbul subway. An extremely important step has been taken. I do not think that it is important because Marmaray united the two continents. Remember, we had done it with the Bosphorus bridge in the fiftieth year of our Republic. Again, as very underlined, I am not convinced that this tube passage has anything to do with the new Silk Road.
That's a very important reason. Marmaray doesn't make sense for container transport. Marmaray trains do not load, only passengers will carry. Remember, however, the Silk Road was a direct freight line. I think Marmaray is a late Istanbul project. I believe it belongs exclusively to Istanbul. That's why I find it important. Why is that? Approximately one-fifth of Turkey's population lives in Istanbul. With Marmaray, the Istanbul subway must be completed quickly. So a lot of Istanbul can now become a single Istanbul. It can be reached by public transport from one end of Istanbul to another. I think the efficiency level of the country will definitely increase. After that, I will be able to express that the population accumulation in Istanbul decreases the efficiency rate. For these reasons I think the project is extremely meaningful.
I told you about the Shanghai subway a while ago. The construction of the Shanghai metro had begun in 1993. Today the Shanghai metro 500 mileage. The Chinese have built a five hundred-kilometer metro in twenty years. We have been able to install 11 kilometers to Istanbul and 10 kilometers to Ankara in 20 years. In order to erase this shame, we now have an opportunity with Marmaray. Marmaray does not mean anything to itself, but it is very important because it is the backbone of the Istanbul subway to be built. But why didn't anyone draw the importance of Marmaray for Istanbul and emphasized that it is a project of nationality, a project of age, a major transportation project that transcends the continents? For a very simple reason. One-fifth of the country's population lives in Istanbul.
What does this mean? 80 of the population of the country does not live in Istanbul. That's why I think we can't celebrate a big Istanbul project enough. If you ask me about the latest product of passenger transportation in Marmaray transport policy. The other day I was looking at the map of Turkey's highways. I believe I am not deliberately designed container transportation infrastructure of Turkey's highways and railways infrastructure in now. The high-speed train, for example, cannot carry a container. He won't. Turkey's motorway network all extremely poor vision Turgut Bey owe. But the life of the deceased was not enough to complete the work that he started.
In the last decade Turkey has never motorway. He always made a double. Look at the highway map of the country, for God's sake. Istanbul, Antep and Izmir are not interconnected broken lines are not connected. We couldn't complete the crossing of Gölbaşı. Recently we made a multi-way road, but we never made a highway. However, the highway is for freight transport and double road for passenger transportation. Get the same asymmetry. This is precisely the fact that the double road is destroyed as the TIRs pass. The fact that the industry in Anatolia was built around our sloped highways is probably pointing to this fact. Let's face it, the highway is a costly investment. However, in today's Turkey to make highway investments, the greater the burden for tomorrow. Marmaray is good. However, in our transportation policy, it is time for the understanding that focuses on passenger transportation to be balanced with an understanding that focuses on freight transportation. Turkey's highway map should be completed Turgut Bey Anatolia vision should not be left half

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