Garden: Marmaray is actually our project

Bahçeli: Marmaray is actually our project: Devlet Bahçeli claimed that Marmaray was actually their project. On 29 October, the Boğaz Tüpgeçiş project was launched and Marmaray was opened. I thank everyone who contributed and contributed. If we do not refrain from congratulating who put stones on the stone Turkey's sake. We will settle for everything that the nation is pleased with. Under these words lay the principles of nationalism. It is true, Marmaray is a 153-year dream. Imagination is the first stage of truth. Nothing imaginable can happen and success cannot be achieved. It is admirable that our saints, who we remember with respect and mercy, can demonstrate this vision a century and a half ago. The 57th government, which our party is a government partner, has a big share in reaching the present point of this project. Our contribution in this project can never be neglected due to the fact that the ministry of transportation is in our party's mandate.
We have already completed the survey, engineering and tender of the project in question. We obtained the loan, and we were put out to tender on 25 July 2002. Since our ruling time was not enough, it was not for us to open the opening. I would like to thank our transportation ministers Enis Öksüz and Oktay Vural and everyone else who contributed to our party in the 57th republic government. If this step has been taken, our effort and involvement in this is very much. Erdogan's denial and unfaithful mentality has also manifested himself here. I would like to remind the Prime Minister that whatever project he is now boasting is the horizon of the nationalists. The real owner of the 2023 vision stolen by the Prime Minister and victim of political snatching is MHP.
I invite everyone to Tandogan on 9 November. I believe that the Turkish nation will write history in Tandogan on 9 November.

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