No known about Marmaray (Video)

The unknowns about Marmaray: Marmaray, which opened on October 29, brought along many question marks. TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman answered all the questions about Marmaray to Hadi Özışık.
Marmaray was almost two weeks. The Yenikapı-Üsküdar line is full at weekends. Curious eyes looking for the sea of ​​coffee, the fish. When the 62 meters from below enter the sea, we see a completely different view. And, of course, the problems are not over. Marmaray is calm on the 5 day of the week. On Saturdays and Sundays, excessive density causes disruptions in the media. Some of the emergency brakes are pulling, some of the red train stopped at the red light that he screams, under the influence of what is written moments of fear.
State Railways General Manager Süleyman Karaman Yenikapı-Üsküdar line is almost inhabited. Minister Binali also takes into consideration the sensitivity of Yıldırım and spends all of his work in Yenikapı. Süleyman Karaman informs the passengers at the beginning of the escalator. Her face laughs as the stones settle in Marmaray every day:

Thank God, things got on track.
When Suleyman Karaman was so confident in himself, we sorted our questions one by one, which everyone asked, but could not answer.
Since we are still carrying free transportation in Marmaray, it is not possible to provide the exact number of passengers. 29 15 10 06.00 24.00 216 1650 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX Approximately XNUMX passengers are transported each time.
The average 300 thousand passengers are transported per day.
- This system was built for a million passengers, what is the mess in the 300 thousand passengers?
One million passengers, the suburban lines on both sides of the subway standard by connecting to Marmaray with the passenger we set. That's how many stations. 42 Station. Therefore 5-300 for 350 Station is of course a serious intensity yolcu Pull the button, push the button does not overshadow the large photo. 200 bin 300-350 thousand passengers in the place where we can see that we carry easily.
- Do you have a script for every situation?
All scenarios were simulated, including emergency, emergency, breakdown, normal scenarios including fire, earthquake and flood. We also implemented the density scenario on Saturday and Sunday.
-Marmaray opened before it was completed?
Marmaray has been completed. According to the project built the company gave us a safety report. Consultant company checked. Reports were received from universities during the construction.
In addition, the technical experts of the Ministry also adopted the system by checking.
In addition to these, a safe operability report was received from the International Certificate Agency TÜVSÜD Rail.
- Do you have a scenario in case of rupture of the connections and water filling in the tunnel?
Any kind of sealing is provided.
After the 11 tube has been assembled, the remaining intervals along the section of the tube under the gaskets are brought to the same strength as the tube using concrete and iron where the tube is manufactured.
In this way, the immersed tunnel consisting of the 11 element is transformed into a single tunnel. There is no risk of tearing between the tubes.
-Where is Marmaray managed? Is there a control system?
Has. It controls the whole of the Control Center System in the Üsküdar Station (OCC).

Is it true that there is a collapse in some parts of Marmaray?
It's not true. Based on the findings of all kinds of ground surveys, ground conditions were modeled in a realistic manner in the computer environment and ground strengthening was made according to the results.
- Is it true that the 4 once a minute will be made in the 10 every minute?
The 4 emphasis you see in those ads is the two-minute emphasis between two continents. Train planning will be arranged and arranged according to the passenger potential. Initially, 10 was found to be sufficient per minute.
-Why is ATP, ATO, ATS control control systems in Marmaray?
All three systems are located and working in Marmaray.
- Is it true that the locomotive rescue locomotives have not arrived?
One in Haydarpaşa and one in Kazlıçeşme;
2 Piece Rescue Locomotive, 2 Piece Emergency Rescue Tool, 2 Piece Ambulance are ready. Also 1 Piece Catenary Repair Tool, 1 Piece Drayman Tool are in peace of mind.
- How will passengers escape if the water floods?
There must be an earthquake larger than the biggest earthquake that is expected to occur in the event of tearing and tunneling, which means that in Istanbul God forbid there is no stone left on the stone. Even in this case, the filling of the water until the distance of the walkways takes 1,5 hours. If there are trains in the tube, passengers will be evacuated from both bodies within one and a half hours, and the two sides of the tube will be closed automatically after being evacuated.
- What are the works to eliminate the problems in Medaray?
- We've assigned more helpful staff
-More redirect, more announcements, more announcements were made
- The visual and written media with the press also helped us a lot.



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