Marmaray would not have committed suicide

Marmaray would not have committed suicide: months before the opening of Marmaray's project manager signed with the blood document.
The document was signed by Metin Tahan, General Director of Infrastructure Investments, who represented the state in Marmaray, with his blood to convince the Japanese of the project cultivation of 29 Ekim in October.
2004 29 2013 XNUMX XNUMX since the opening of the months before the end of the working authorities and project managers, the project does not deliver on time, they signed a written note indicating that they would commit suicide.
Metin Tahan, General Director of Infrastructure Investments at the Ministry of Transport, who prepared the written note and signed it with his blood, explained the details of the incident. Signed for the 27 February night in order to increase the motivation of doing this job explaining Tahan 'Foreign employees feel like us is difficult.
I wanted them to understand our feelings, and that's why this whole thing happened. My determination was signed with my blood, 'he said. Tahan, signed the text in order to forget the promise of the word is attached to the Marmaray Regional Directorate, he added.

27 the event occurred in the late night of February at the Marmaray District Directorate Haydarpaşa Metin Tahan, 'We had to show that we are stable. Foreign officials have translated 8-10 times, they said, 'What do you mean?' And did not want to sign.
I press them 'If you can not sign this work and return to your country' I pressed. Then they started to say, 'OK, we'll finish 29 in October, what's the need for this signature?' 'If you finish, sign, why are you afraid' I said. Then they signed it. It was then effective on them. When the project manager and the authorities also reflected on the bottom of the employees' he said.
The Japanese authorities who read the phrase 'jump from the bridge' will be told 'Harakiri?' Metin Tahan said he had asked them and said, 'Jump from the bridge is also harakiridir somewhere'. 29 As we approached October, Yoshihisa Hatano and Tetsuro Matsukubo, who signed the note, said that they had been jokingly. Mats Write your memories, take lots of photos for your children, X said Tahan. We celebrated the opening day. There Hatano told me 'I sent my memories to my children. Now I will begin to write the memories of my new life 'he said. We all started our new lives after the opening day Hep

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